Advertising on our public free weather website is the main source of financing this large public offer. meteoblue offers one of the largest arrays of precision weather information available free of charge on the web, and advertising helps us maintain and further build this offer. We have designed our new page such that it shows less advertising relative to the weather information than before, and our webpage has a very low ratio of advertising compared to the volume of weather informaton provided. Nevertheless, we always seek to improve the user experience and appreciate your comments.

  • If you see larger advertising than in the past, please send us a screenshot, so we can try to solve the problem.
  • If you see improper advertising, please inform us immediately, best also with a screenshot. We control the sources of advertising, but can not be totally sure that some inappropriate content appears.
  • If you have suggestions on how to improve the user experience, write us.

Alternatives to further reduce advertising on our website are:

  1. Use other pages (as interim solution in the meantime) which contain less advertising .
  2. Use an ad-blocker from your browser. This is your right, and we accept this as an option. We want to, however, make you aware of the fact that most of our free-of-charge services are currently financed with advertising, and that we can only sustain the quality of a free-of-charge service as long as sufficient users accept advertising.
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meteoblue offers cpm based geo-targeted advertising (using DFP) on The website has at least doubled page impressions every year since 2008 and reached more than 10 million page impression per month in 2011, mainly in (but not limited to) Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Spain and Italy, as well as in over 100 other countries. meteoblue registers website users from more than 200 countries.

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  • company address and contact person(s);
  • payment policy.

Contracts should preferably be longer term (years) or periodical (summer season) and of substantial volume.