meteoblue photo gallery

In the meteoblue picture gallery, you will find photos about the weather from around the world - easily sortable by location, time, weather conditions and other criteria. 

What is special about the meteoblue photo gallery? 

The photo gallery is used to exchange interesting pictures of weather events, worldwide, in precise locations over decades. It also allows you to link the pictures with special weather events and to comment on them, so that we can understand them better. Here are some features of the meteoblue photo gallery:

  • Worldwide: You can upload and view photos for any place on Earth.
  • Precise location: you can select a precise location for each photo via coordinates. Thus each photo can be assigned a precise position.
  • Chronologically: all photos are stored and sorted with date and time. You can also upload pictures from the past and assign the appropriate past date.
  • Multilingual: the photo gallery allows you to enter a text in any languages. There is no sorting by language, because the focus is on the pictures.
  • Area search: You can view photos from the surrounding of selected locations. 
  • Sortable: You can assign each photo a weather icon, temperature and text. This allows you later to simply sort the photos by different criteria.
  • Easy to use: You can use the meteoblue photo gallery with any web browser and even from a mobile phone.
  • Free: Use and access to the meteoblue photo gallery are free.
  • Flexible: You can upload and view various photo formats, with screen sizes up to 7.5 MB. If you have problems, please report them.
  • Sortable: You can sort the meteoblue photo gallery according to various criteria: location, distance to the selected location, date. (More sorting options are planned).
  • Expandable: The meteoblue photo gallery is structured, so that it can be easily extended with new functions. We appreciate any suggestion.

Thus, the new meteoblue photo gallery is a unique platform, which quickly transforms the weather into visible and varied images across countries, language and time boundaries.

Join in

Any user can participate. Necessary for that is simply:

  • a free registration at meteoblue.
  • suitable pictures.
  • a device on which pictures are saved (or adjustable).
  • access to the Internet and a web browser in order to upload and view pictures.

Upload photos

To upload photos is easy: with a little practice it takes less than 1 minute.

How do I upload pictures? 

  1. Take a picture - a weather photo, a diagram of a weather station, or similar. 
  2. Log in (with auto-login it happens automatically as soon as you enter
  3. Enter the picture upload page .
  4. Select the desired location for which the photo was taken and is appropriate. This is important to later assign the photo properly.
  5. Click "Upload Photo", and follow the instructions (Select photo, etc.).
  6. Enter the date and time: this is important to later assign the photo properly. 
  7. Enter additional information (text, temperature weather icon (if desired).
  8. Confirm the input with "upload" and wait for the completion of the transfer. This may take up to 1 minute depending on the photo size and available bandwidth. 
  9. If you receive error messages, please correct the input accordingly.
  10. If you have made a mistake while uploading, repeat the process and upload the same photo with the correct information again. You can then use the delete function to remove incorrect photos.
  11. If you happen to find inappropriate photos, you can report them to us. We remove inappropriate photos immediately.
  12. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Terms of Use

  • Desired content: The uploaded photos should be related to the weather. 
  • Less desirable content: photos that are not at all related to the weather, to nature or that are incorrectly described.
  • Prohibited content: all kinds of advertisements and any content that is not permitted by our terms and conditions, that disregard author's copyright, as well as pictures and text, that are in any form illegal, defamatory, racist, indecent or disrespectful.
  • General conditions: the conditions are the same as for the blog.
  • Liability: meteoblue assumes no liability for the content of images and text, however, it strives to maintain compliance with the conditions.
  • Abuse: accounts of users who upload inappropriate pictures may be banned from or deleted. This may be necessary to ensure appropriate content.

We thank all users who contribute to this exchange and look forward to your pictures!

How to Use

Formatting of photos

Minimize photos: The maximum file size is 7.5 MB. On the Internet, there is a wide range of software, which can minimize pictures. Also, pre-installed programs like Microsoft Paint now offer an appropriate option.

Why are some photos upside down? 

Photos, which were taken with an Apple iPhone or Apple iPad, sometimes appear upside down after uploading. These photos are taken when the photo sensor is upside down. In this case the information about the orientation of the camera is stored in the photo EXIF information. This information is then used by the device to display the photo properly. EXIF information is information that is stored by many cameras together with the photo. They contain information for example about the model camera, exposure time or coordinates. The EXIF information from Apple devices will be deleted when you upload photos in order to protect privacy. Our website can not determine how the picture should be orientated and the photo appears upside down.
The solution is to rotate the photo with a photo editing software before uploading, or to take the photo when the volume buttons are facing down.