Weather blog

Weather messages worldwide, written by our users

meteoblue invites users to participate in our weather Blog which features general weather information observed or relevant for you.

Our blog system is available since 05.05.2015 with the following features:

  • messages have 3 components now: Title, Abstract and Message .
  • Text length for messages is unlimited, and text can be formatted.
  • Several pictures can now be added to each message.
  • Messages can be commented.
  • Messages can now be displayed across countries for all users of the same language.
  • Messages can be scrolled back in time over many days.
  • Two categories of users: qualified bloggers (who can freely write and publish) and registered bloggers who can freely comment published messages, and write messages which will be published if meteoblue approves them).
  • User qualification and Message approval will be handled by meteoblue on a daily basis.

The terms of the participation as blogger" are simple (and essentially the same as for the me-TO-u service before):

  1. Acceptance of the meteoblue terms & conditions.
  2. Messages will be authored in good faith.
  3. Messages will be written in proper understandable language.
  4. Messages will not contain any commercial, non-ethical, defamatory or illegal content.
  5. Messages will not violate any rights of others, including copyright, trademarks, etc. meteoblue will assist bloggers on request in the prevention of such violations, call their attention in case of doubt, and remove them if necessary.
  6. Authors assume responsibility for the content of their messages, and meteoblue will not assume any responsibility.
  7. meteoblue reserves the right to comment, alter or delete any message, if this is necessary to maintain adherence to the terms and conditions of meteoblue and related to this service.
  8. Authors grant meteoblue a license to copy, reproduce and use the content of any message. If authors want credit for their work, they shall imprint the respective signage on their work.
  9. meteoblue will support authors in clarification of any questions relating to message.
  10. Authors will report any issues to the mailbox

If you want to become a qualified blogger, to freely author messages, we ask you to please:

  1. register on our website free of charge.
  2. author at least 100 messages as registered user, which are accepted and published by meteoblue.
  3. send us a confirmation that you want to participate and accept the terms above.
  4. as an alternative to authoring messages in our blog, you can send us credentials which support your application for a qualified blogger.
  5. send us any questions which you may have.

We appreciate your contributions and look forward to even more informative weather messages.