FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When are the models updated?

meteoblue forecast have 3 update timings:
1.  The continental model update: at least twice a day;
2.  The regional model update: at least twice a day; follows the continental model update calculation;
3.  The local adaptation: at the time of the query after the place selection. 
maps are updated directly from the models, usually 2 times daily. The update timing given is the time of model initialization (when the calculation begins) in UTC.
point data is updated at least 4 times daily. For Picto-cast, Tables and spot, the update timing is given in local time (valid at the selected location), and shown at the lower edge of the (detail) forecast page. For Meteograms and other prefessional service tools, the update timing is given in UTC, to allow analysis and comparisons across time zones.

More information can be found here.

My place is at higher (lower) elevation than the forecast. How do I adjust the forecast temperature?

The meteoblue local forecast shows you the elevation of the region for which the temperature and wind forecasts are valid. To adapt the forecast to your own location, subtract 1°C for every 100 m of elevation, or 0.5°C per 100 m of elevation if the air is saturated (>99% humidity). Under temperature inversions (stable low hanging clouds with no wind for several days - typical for the winter), temperatures will rise with elevation, and be higher above the cloud layer than below.

How can I create a new location, which is not in the meteoblue database?

Our users can now create and exchange their own places, using location favourites : these provide registered users the ability to store any coordinates with a self-selected name as a location
. This is the procedure:

  1. Click on the location search box, so that the map appears. You can also enter coordinates in the search box.
  2. Move the location cursor to the desired position by clicking on the map. Once the cursor points to the exact location which you want, then click on "weather for this location”. The forecast for the selected position will appear (Note: you can also reach the desired location by pasting the coordinates into the location search box).
  3. Now click on the star behind the headline with the coordinates text. A confirmation that the coordinate has been added to the favourites will appear.
  4. To name the coordinate, the favourites list can be selected in the user menu - which opens which clicking on the user icon in the upper right corner of the page. A list of saved favourites should now appear.
  5. By clicking on the appropriate editing symbol, the individual attributes (altitude, names of the place, etc.) can now be adjusted.

Important: The altitude above sea level (in meters) is important for a correct forecast, especially for the temperature. The altitude is automatically selected by the system, based on average  altitude of the grid cell. If this is not accurate, you can correct the altitude in the favourites management.

What to do with a bad internet connection

meteoblue.com is designed for use with an average bandwith (1-6MBit/s). Suggestions for operating with a reduced charging rate can be found on internet connection.

How to login or register?

After the free registration, you can login with your username and password:

Registration process:

1.    On the meteoblue start page, you click on the “person” icon on the upper right corner (between the wind icon and the flag).
2.    Then you will see the “Login or register”-page.
3.    Go now to “Register” on the right part of the page.
4.    For the registration, you need a valid email address.
5.    You can now register for free with a self-selected username and password.
6.    For security reasons, you need to enter your password twice (“password” and “confirm password”).
7.    Before you click on “Register”, you can subscribe to our newsletter and you need to accept the meteoblue terms and conditions.  
8.    After the registration process, you will get a confirmation email. 

Login process: 

1.    After you got the confirmation email, you can login to the meteoblue website.
2.    On the meteoblue start page, you click on the “person” icon on the upper right corner (between the wind icon and the flag).
3.    Then you will see the “Login or register”-page.
4.    Go now to “Login”.
5.    Enter your username (or email address) and your password.
6.    Before you login, you can select “Remember me” (you will be logged in automatically).
7.    Click on “Login”