Forecast shows weather data for the future. These are always simulated data because measurements and observations can not be available for the future. Forecast weather information is commonly called weather "forecast", "prediction" or "prognosis". 
meteoblue calculates forecast data for nowcasting (0-6 hours), day-ahead forecast (0-36 hours ahead), week ahead (0-7 days), and 2-weeks ahead (0-14 days). These are also defined as "short and medium range" forecasts. meteoblue does currently not offer "long range" forecast for 1-6 months because these forecasts are usually only valid for large areas, not for specific locations, frequently associated with lower precision, not more accurate than "historic" climate information and only possible for a few variables.
To forecast probable weather conditions for future months and years, we offer the "climate" information to give users an overview of the possible conditions at a selected locations during the period of interest.

Forecast information is shown as tables, diagrams, maps and available as data, both through our website and professional interfaces. It is updated regularly, at least twice a day.