Service Access


Public pricing information of service access cost, forecast and history data packages, images and weather maps can be found on the pricing page


meteoblue offers a wide range of data packages, images and weather maps that can be delivered through the following transmission methods: 

Weather API

With the meteoblue weather API, clients can receive meteoblue weather data with direct HTTP requests to meteoblue servers. The requests are executed instantaneously and always provide latest up-to-date data. Data packagesimages or weather maps can be automatically downloaded to your system through a web-service. 


For custom services, we offer FTP. We generally recommend using our standardised API, but for certain use cases (e.g. large data volumes, custom formats, data exchange, etc,) FTP deployment is required. 


For some purposes, like occasional extracts of historical weather data or specific uses, we offer transmission through E-Mail. 


meteoblue offers many diagrams and services through the meteoblue website, for example point+, history+ or the meteoblue Widgets.

Mobile Apps

meteoblue for smartphones and tablets