Spatial dimensions

meteoblue provides different levels of weather information, which can be visualized in charts or obtained as data. These show weather information from the local point to continents and from surface to atmosphere. meteoblue offers charts and data for different space dimensions which are presented below and in the respective pages.

  • point
    • Your place – weather information scaled down to the selected place, anywhere in the world.
  • spot
    • Your area – weather information for the surrounding area, giving an overview of conditions.
  • myMap
    • Your region – generated as map centered over the selected place, showing regional dynamics.
  • map
    • Your country – overview for countries, continents or the world – on one screen.

Special forecasts are made for multiple dimensions:

  • air
    • Forecasts for atmosphere layers, as vertical profiles, sections or trajectories.
  • grid
    • Data sets covering larger areas for defined weather variables, available for professional customers.

All these dimensions are available as presentations, diagrams and/or data for any place in the world, for various time dimensions

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