For some purposes like one-time or occasional extracts of historical weather data or specific uses we offer transmission through E-Mail. 

History data

If you need history weather data one-time or occasionally we will send the desired data as csv file through E-Mail. If you need raw data continuously we recommend to use the meteoblue weather API. 

Raw data

meteoblue offers a complete history data set for any place in the world with hourly data. The weather history simulation data is available since 1985 with a spatial resolution of 30 km. High resolution history data is available since 2008 for nearly any place in the world. For capacity reasons, not all weather variables and atmospheric levels are available. 

meteoblue offers raw data for the following weather variables: 

  • temperature and dew point temperature 
  • precipitation 
  • wind direction and wind speed 
  • relative humidity 
  • solar radiation (GHI, DNI, GNI, GIF, DIR, GTI, Extra terrestrial radiation)
  • pressure 
  • low, medium and high cloud cover 

Other weather variables on demand. 

Individual Solutions

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If you need weather data for special purposes through E-Mail, please contact us.