FTP Services

For custom services we offer FTP. We generally recommend using our standardised API, but for certain use cases FTP deployment is required. All data packages are also available via FTP (see below). 

FTP products

Data packages (raw data)

meteoblue offers various weather variables that are grouped into data packages. There are different data packages for specific use cases: 

  • current - current weather
  • basic - general purpose, contains the most common weather variables
  • clouds - detailed cloud layer information
  • agro - designed for agriculture
  • wind - for special wind purpose
  • air - atmosphere simulations
  • sea - marine weather forecast 
  • solar and pvpro - solar radiation variables and photovoltaic production
  • multimodel - raw forecast data of multiple weather models
  • trend - 14 day ensemble forecast
  • modelclimate - climate simulation data of last 30 years