meteoblue AIR Cross-sections show a vertical cut through the atmosphere. The standard cross-sections have 2 directions:

  • North-South,
  • West-East.

The selected place you have chosen is in the center, where both directions cross. The size of the cross-sections can be set using the distance from the center (in "degree") and you can select the starting time.

The cross-section is available for clouds and temperature, by clicking on the different tabs above the diagram.

Cross-section clouds - Basel

Cross-section clouds - Basel

Cross-section temperature - Basel

Cross-section temperature - Basel

Use recommendation

meteoblue AIR Cross-section can be used for many purposes:

  • For airplane and glider flight planning, to anticipate altitude visibility and (head)winds;
  • For monitoring weather fronts;
  • For air inversion monitoring;
  • For anticipating the freezing level;
  • For understanding air currents at higher levels for (local) weather forecasting;
  • And for your special purposes.

More information on the Cross-section can be found in the following document:

air_crosssection_en.pdf (408.41 kB)

meteoblue Cross-section lets you cross the AIR above you.


meteoblue AIR cross-section are available via point+. The data can be supplied via our meteoblue API - see our Products section.

Here the link to the direct meteogram AIR on our website: