Climate Prediction

  • Climate change affects cities more than rural areas
  • Climate predictions offer clear and quantifiable summary of complex climate change simulations
  • Climate predictions are applicable to any location on Earth and are based on the different emission scenarions of the IPCC report

The meteoblue Climate Prediction Services provide insight into the arising risks of climate change for any specific location on the planet. It shows the past and most likely future development of more than 20 weather variables, including air temperature, precipitation amount, and wind speed.

Climate patterns of temperature, rainfall, wind, and irradiation are changing, driven by increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. Some regions of the world are affected more by climate change (e.g. the Arctic region), others less (e.g., tropical regions). Changes in meteorological parameters are described by climate change scenarios in reports published by IPCC. These scenarios are plausible projections of the future climate with an associated uncertainty range. Climate change scenarios typically use climate projections based on different projected greenhouse gas emissions, as well as other factors, such as future population levels, economic activity, etc. They cover a wide range of possible future developments.

Organisations need to consider the impact of climate change on both their strategic plans and their daily operations. Due to the inherent uncertainty of climate change scenarios, organisations must anticipate and manage their exposure to climate-related risks. meteoblue weather and climate data and services support these processes with high quality data including uncertainty information.

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