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The meteoblue offer

meteoblue website (FREE offer)

meteoblue offers high quality weather information on the meteoblue website with the most comprehensive and free-of-charge precision weather anywhere in the world.
Our free website offers, amongst others:

  • hourly weather forecast for 7 days ahead
  • access to detailed weather forecasts up to 14 days
  • comprehensive and appealing climate diagrams with historical data since 1979
  • special diagrams like the meteogram airquality, meteogram AIR, Astronomy Seeing
  • numerous interactive weather maps for the entire world with a variety of weather variables, different elevation levels and layers
  • unique features such as the predictability (accuracy of prediction), the rainSPOT (distribution of precipitation in the surrounding area) and the meteogram multimodel (which compares the forecasts of different weather models)
  • where2go, which shows the best weather for a selected region and time
  • several weather widgets, that can be configured according to your wishes and can be integrated in own websites for free
  • selection and storage of locations as last visited places for faster access to the weather information
  • meteoMail, with which you can get daily weather forecasts by email for free for a selected location and time
  • meteoTV, a free digital signage service from meteoblue for displaying weather information on private and public screens
  • and many more...

Why we need cookies on the free meteoblue website:

meteoblue uses cookies to:

  • determine the frequency of website use and make the necessary capacity available;
  • show you what you want and make the website use easier for you: last visited locations are stored within a cookie, so that you do not have to search again for the desired location at your next visit on our website. The same applies to the selected language and units: a cookie stores units like °C or °F, m/s or mph to show the data on the website according to your wishes.

These cookies do not permit any personalised tracking.

Why we need advertising on the free meteoblue website:

The advertising on our public free weather website is the main source of financing for this large public offer. It allows us to:

  • maintain these unique features;
  • adapt the features to the evolving range of browsers and usage devices;
  • ensure sufficient server capacity and bandwidth;
  • develop new services and diagrams;
  • provide support to users with questions;
  • ensure rapid trouble-shooting in case of failures.

Our webpage has a very low ratio of advertising relative to the volume of weather information provided and to other weather services. We understand that advertising sometimes bothers our users, so we deliberately show only tailored advertising without any pop-ups, movies, etc., restricting the number of advertisers and using a relatively small percentage of the site for advertising.

Without tailored advertising, you would get:

  • Completely useless ads, unrelated to your preferences, even though you are absolutely not interested in those things;
  • Much less weather information and fewer regular updates;
  • Less functions;
  • Much less or no more innovation using modern technologies.

An offer without personalised advertising would mean that we have to reduce our free offer drastically. Without advertising, we would have to discontinue our free offer. Therefore, we are contingent on personalised advertising revenues to operate the free website with full functionality for our users, and we openly inform our users about it. By activating our web subscription (point+), you can deactivate the advertising and additionally benefit from unique features.

We are working on further financing mechanisms, and will be happy to receive your suggestions on how to finance a high quality, unique offer differently.

meteoblue website (ME offer)

With your free-of-charge registration, we offer additional functions free of charge:

  • selection and storage of locations as favourites for faster access to the weather information;
  • meteoMail, with which you can get daily weather forecasts by email for free for a selected location and time;
  • and more.

The data collected for these purposes is not shared with any other providers, except for purposes where transmission is needed (e.g. e-mail).

Your privacy is important to us and will be taken into account accordingly.

The core of our offer is built on mutual confidence: We offer superior content to users who need and value it: they will recognise our efforts for providing special quality with the necessary tools and customisation and - where necessary - personalisation.

In addition to the free website, meteoblue offers various additional services, which are briefly listed below. Detailed information can be found in the relevant product pages that are linked.

meteoblue website (PLUS offer)

Additionally, we offer numerous special features within our single user web subscription point+:

Worldwide weather history with history+

meteoblue offers the most extensive and gapless weather archive online, including historical data since 1979 with our web subscription history+ , which offers immediate access to the meteoblue global weather simulation archive. You can download weather variables, such as temperature, wind, cloud cover, precipitation and many others in hourly resolution as CSV, for any place worldwide. Special features, like year comparisons, histograms, wind rose and risk assessment diagrams, are also part of the subscription. Interactive graphs allow immediate access to continuous time series for the selected locations or various coordinates.

meteoblue mobile apps

Our free mobile apps are available for iOS and Android and offer various meteoblue features like:

  • detailed 7-day forecast;
  • meteogram 5 day and a 14 day trend forecast;
  • interactive satellite map available worldwide;
  • interactive radar map (available for several countries);
  • unique where2go feature which shows the best weather for a selected region and time;
  • with an in-app-purchase of less than 1 EUR/year, the advertising will be disabled and a home-screen widget with an overview of 5 days and the current weather is available.

meteoblue API for professionals

For our professional customers, we offer an easy and fast interface (meteoblue API), by which customers can download local weather forecast and historical data or diagrams and integrate those in their own system:

  • various and special weather variables are grouped into data packages for specific use cases like general, agriculture, wind or solar energy;
  • hourly historical data is available since 1979 for any point on Earth, hourly forecast data is available for up to 14 days in the future;
  • every single weather map on the meteoblue website is also available through the API;
  • images like the meteograms which can be used for general or special purposes.

General remarks:

Advertising on our public free weather website is the main source of financing this large public offer. meteoblue offers one of the largest arrays of precision weather information available free of charge on the web, and advertising helps us maintain and further build this offer.

  • as many other websites, meteoblue uses an automated ad serving process by google and does not manually select advertisements
  • if you see inappropriate advertising, please report this directly to google by clicking on the little cross icon on the top right corner of the ad

We are committed to providing a high quality service and appreciate your opinion.