meteoblue operates one of the most productive weather data processing and modeling chains worldwide.


As of early 2014, meteoblue produced the following model output:

  • Simulations of more than 3 million model grid cells over 6 continents.
  • Simulations of more than 100 million model cells, including 50 atmosphere layers;
  • More than 250 billion individual extractable data points.

In addition, meteoblue produces post-processed weather data. These data are assembled in datasets and images, can be generated for any place on Earth, configured on customer request, and selected for more than 5 million pre-defined places worldwide.

Based on the data produced, meteoblue generates meteograms, maps, movies and other special services, which cover any place on Earth.


The number of forecast grid cells and variables generated by meteoblue is about 10 times higher than that available commercially from other European weather providers.


To produce these data, meteoblue uses a highly efficient computing chain. Thereby, meteoblue can generate more than 250 billion available weather forecast data elements per processing unit each day. This efficiency is unique in the industry.