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API for non-commercial uses

For non-commercial uses, meteoblue offers the meteogram 5 days and the data package basic-day. Non-commercial uses are all uses without direct profit purposes (further specifications see below).

  • Access is valid for one year
  • Contract will expire automatically after one year without renewal
  • E-Mail support within 10 business days
  • 100 requests per day

Meteogram 5 days

This meteogram shows forecast for 5 days for 3 different diagrams with variables in hourly intervals. The data is valid for the selected location, available for any place on earth, and updated at least 2 times per day. The hour of the last update is written on the top left of the meteogram, below the name of the place and the coordinates. The meteogram is presented in local time.

You can find the link on our front page below the meteogram: The embed code can be inserted anywhere in the HTML of the integrating website, nothing needs to be adjusted for it to work properly.

  • The code consists of an <img> element and an <a> element (a link) with text; According to our terms of use, a user agrees to also display the text on the website with the image, everything else violates our terms of use.
  • Style attributes can be added to the elements to adapt the font size, frame, etc. to the integrating website, as long as the image and text remain legible.
  • If the image is not loaded, you can check in the browser under the "Network" tab what is causing the error.
  • If instead of the picture an error message with "Signature with shared secret does not match.” loads, then the code is damaged and you may have to copy it again from

Then the error message "Please specify an APIkey in the url: &apikey=1234" should no longer appear unless the code has been cached somewhere where it was escaped and needs to be repaired. In this case all & has to be replaced with & . The codes are a signature, so attributes in the <img> element cannot be changed, otherwise the call fails and delivers "Signature with shared secret does not match”. If the location, language, or units of measurement want to be changed in the meteogram, this needs to be set on The code has to be copied again.

Data package basic-day

For general purpose, contains the most common variables in daily resolution (e.g. temperature, precipitation, wind speed, relative humidity)



Precipitation Probability

Snow fraction


Felt temperature


Wind speed

Wind direction

Relative humidity

Sea level pressure



Predictability class


*) This is a free test URL with limited access. If the limit is exceeded, please contact us to get a free test or access.

Non-commercial use

Non-commercial uses are all uses without direct profit purposes. These are cases of non-commercial uses:

  • Personal consultations
  • Recommendations to friends
  • Local small community weather monitoring
  • Individual weather observations and storm chasing
  • Family, club or society website
  • Research
  • Development of jointly offered products
  • Social welfare
  • Disaster relief

For use of our publicly available information, we consider the following websites non-commercial:

  • Any Website with less than 100 visitors per day.
  • Any Website which make less than 100 individual data requests per day to the public information available on the meteoblue website.
  • All sites, which exceed one of the two previous criteria, but fulfill one of the previously set cases 4, 8 or 9.

For non-commercial use, in any case the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • Direct link from the non-commercial page with the weather content from meteoblue to, with the settings so that the same location is accessed.
  • For publications, a quote of source with reference to and a PDF copy of the publication sent to until 3 months after the publication.
  • For use within private systems: a short description (at least 30 words) about the type of intended use
  • For use within private energy managements systems or for comparison of data from different sources: a report about the results (energy saving, other benefits) within 12 months after reception of access to data (minimum 1 page, with data).
  • The use only on pages with content which is neither illegal, racist, discriminating or X-rated (offensive to youths).
  • The adherence to our terms.

meteoblue reserves the right to request additional information and decide about the treatment of the request according to own evaluation of the request.

Get meteoblue non-commercial API service: