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Weather maps

meteoblue offers a unique selection of weather maps (a wide range of variables, multiple data sources and elevation levels), which are all globally available, including real-time satellite and radar data and animations.

These maps can be accessed via the maps plugin, which includes a functional web interface similar to the Weather Maps on the meteoblue website. The maps API configurator allows quick configuration and makes the web integration very easy.

Below you can see what the plugin looks like once the configurator’s output has been integrated into a web page:

The maps plugin includes world novelties, such as:

The weather maps have been designed to be highly customisable and the tile-based generation of the map visualisations minimises the required data-downloads, allowing for high-speed access. In addition to the maps plugin, we also offer access to the underlying tile API, which allows even more customisation, though it does not provide animations.

If you are looking for a free solution for implementing maps into your website, please consider our Maps Widget.

More details can be found in the technical documentation.