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Global Location Search

There is no place on earth without meteoblue precision weather information!

meteoblue provides weather information for any location on Earth; on land and sea, cities and mountains, on the ground and in the air. The Global Location Search allows you to select the place for which you need a forecast - globally, easily, within seconds.
Our Global Location Search allows you to search for:

  • place names
  • postal codes
  • coordinates
  • locations on a map
  • own favourite places (for registered users)

The Global Location Search in a few words:

  • Millions of places
    • Select among 8 million places.
  • Map search
    • Pick any location on the map, both on land and sea, in the entire world.
  • Easy to use
    • "Smart" text search, sorting, coordinate search, favourites, attributes, clean URLs, multi-language support and compatible with many browsers.
  • ICAO Codes
    • Find airports directly - for aviation.

The term location is used to identify a point on the earth's surface, using a geographic position. A location with defined attributes is called a place.
The weather for the selected position will be shown in local time (unless UTC is indicated).

There is no place for which you will not find weather information from meteoblue.
The only positions, for which the location search does not provide results, are latitudes above 89.95° (or below -89.95°) and at 180° longitude, because the search can not determine its correct time zone. Nevertheless, the weather information from the closest coordinate will be (almost) identical.