Expert Package

  • Available for any location worldwide
  • Location-specific analysis
  • Report with more than 60 pages, in PDF format
  • Designed to fulfil the requirements in the EU-Taxonomy
  • 31 climate dimensions (temperature, precipitation, flood, wildfire, etc.)
  • Four future scenarios (RCP 2.6/ 4.5/ 6.0/ 8.5)
  • Reference period: 2011-2030
  • Selectable future period (between 2030 and 2100)
  • Approved by EU Auditors
  • 5% of the revenue will be reinvested in climate change mitigation projects

The “Expert” package is optimized for requirements of the EU taxonomy reporting and includes the four emission scenarios (RCP2.6, RCP4.5, RCP6.0 and RCP8.5) and quantitatively estimates the uncertainties in the emission scenarios. It has been approved by auditors in the EU.

The EU taxonomy regulation describes a framework classifying “green” or “sustainable” economic activities executed in the EU. The goal is to create a clear framework for the concept of sustainability, defining to which extent a company or enterprise is operating sustainably and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Climate dimensions within the EU-Taxonomy are separated into chronic and acute climate-related risks and associated to temperature, wind, water or solid mass.

To obtain your own expert local climate risk assessment report, please contact us and tell us the location and further specifications in which you are interested in. We also provide example reports on requests.