Weather API+

Weather API+ provides instant access to the top-accuracy meteoblue weather data (consisting of simulation data, observations, nowcasting and real-time updates) applying the machine learning model meteoblue Learning MultiModel (mLM).

Weather API+ offers over 100 weather variables for any place on Earth, in various formats. The data covers the range from 4 days in the past to 14 days in the future.
The user pays only for the data used, without any hidden cost or automatic renewal. Weather API+ is a fully automated service that includes selected forecast packages in accordance with the meteoblue Terms & Conditions. Further options are available via our enterprise solutions (Access levels Bronze, Silver, Gold).

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How to get Weather API+

  1. Register for free on the meteoblue website
  2. Go to the Weather API+ purchase page
  3. Select the desired number of credits
  4. Select a payment method
  5. Weather API+ is now ready to use

You can test Weather API+ without a subscription. The free trial is limited to 2 million meteoblue credits and 31 days. 

Using Weather API+

You can make API calls to retrieve data from different packages for any location worldwide. By using the API key management interface, you can monitor the usage and the remaining meteoblue credits with real-time statistics.
Each generated API URL can be easily implemented into your application. For more information see technical documentation.

Weather API+ functions

API Key Management

You can generate and manage your API keys and monitor real-time statistics about your usage and the remaining meteoblue credits.

Forecast API

You can assemble your own weather forecast API calls by combining predefined packages of weather variables.