FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we choose to create a new website?

You may wonder why we have made the decision for a new website with a new design and can also understand your confusion or even your frustration, but we believe that a new website just needs some time to get used to.
Please let us enlist the reasons why we resorted to create a new website:

  • Given the importance of our mobile users (more than 60% of all users), we seek to improve the view on mobile devices. The new website adapts much better to mobile devices of different sizes and models, so that the website can now also be used on mobiles without problems.
  • It will serve as a technical basis for the introduction of new functions that we could not implement on the old website (e.g. weather from the last day, better dynamic weather maps).
  • Put weather forecast and products forward and more accessible, with the possibility to include new functions with better visuals in the navigation. Therefore, while you may now have to click more often to reach certain displays and functions, this is the only way we have found to integrate some new features and continue to work on unique innovations.

Our goal is to keep the things that make meteoblue unique. You will naturally find that all meteograms have stayed the same and are still available on our new website.
The new background colours will remain clear and simple on the new website, because the contrast of dark texts on a bright background have proven in tests to be less distracting for website users.

Which browser should I use?

For an optimal use of our website, we recommend to always use the latest version of your browser and update it frequently (for both security and best functionality reasons).

Unfortunately Google Chrome doesn't support Windows Vista or older operating systems anymore. Our new website won't work with these outdated browser versions, so we recommend you to use Firefox as your browser. It still supports older operating systems for you to use the new website without problems.

What do the Day/night pictograms show?

For our new website, we have added night pictograms to the daily overview on our start page. The new night pictograms should avoid misinterpretations and misunderstandings. Day icons represent the time between 6am to 6pm, while night icons from 6pm to 6am of the following day. The old pictograms, now called iday pictograms, used to summarise the whole day and if, for instance, there was a short shower during the night, this day pictogram automatically displayed precipitation for the whole day. The new view aims to avoid this in the future. For more information, read our page about Symbols and Pictograms.

You can choose between whole-day pictos (iday) and day&night pictos. In order to switch between the views, please click on “Settings” below “Sun, moon, pressure and model data” and select “24-hour aggregation” to see the whole-day pictos.

Please click on Settings below Sun, moon, pressure and model data.

Select 24-hour aggregation to have a whole day view. To close the panel, scroll down and press "Done".

Cookie issues: no longer logged in, missing settings, last visited location

Upon switching from the old to the new website, you may find that you are not connected, that you do not see your last visited locations or that the website is not shown in your language anymore.
The new meteoblue website doesn't store information such as Login details, the last visited location(s) or selected units/language in a cookie anymore, but in Local Storage (sometimes called "website data") instead. Therefore, the stored information from the old website is not transferred to the new one.
Once you have logged in and have chosen some locations or set your units/language on the new website, information like autologin, last visited locations and selected units/language will work and be saved consistently as before. Privacy settings should most probably be retained from the old website. You may find more on the bookmarks page.
In some cases the Local Storage is cleared every time the browser is closed, e.g. when using private browsing. Please make sure that your browser does not delete the local storage after closing the meteoblue website to keep the autologin, last visited locations and selected units/language. 

The local storage can be deleted for the following reasons, which causes the setting to be lost:

  • The browser deletes the local storage (sometimes called "webpage data") when closing the browser due to a browser setting
  • The private mode of the browser is used
  • A browser add-on prevents the local storage (permanently) from being saved
  • Anti-virus software (eg CCleaner) deletes the local storage
  • The local storage is regularly deleted by hand

Open meteoblue with last visited location

Information about the last location you accessed is stored in a cookie. It's a small file on your computer. If this file is missing, your location will be determined automatically, which can be very imprecise. The cookie may not be present for the following reasons:

  • The browser does not accept cookies (in general or for meteoblue.com) due to a browser setting.
  • The browser deletes cookies when closing the browser due to a browser setting.
  • The browser deletes cookies because it uses the private mode of the browser.
  • A browser plug-in prevents (permanent) registration of the cookie.
  • Antivirus software (eg CCleaner) deletes the cookie.
  • Access to the website is via a bookmark or browser icon on the home screen of the smartphone, with a URL for a specific location. This source of error has nothing to do with the cookie. Only the bookmark needs to be updated.

To do so, please save a new bookmark by specifying this standard URL: https://www.meteoblue.com/en/weather/week. Then, please open your browser settings. For firefox, for instance, you can either do this in the upper right corner (click on the 3 dashes) or enter "about:preferences#privacy" in the browser above. After the opening of your browser settings, scroll down to "Cookies and website data" and make sure that the option "Delete cookies and website data when exiting Firefox" is deactivated.

How do I change units and languages?

You may switch to your preferred units and language, by clicking on Language / Units in the bottom left corner. You may close the panel by clicking on “Done”.

Another way is to click on Settings on our start page, as on Figure 1, and scroll down to units.

How to change settings

Where do I find the hourly forecast option?

If you wish to include an hourly forecast of the selected day, you may do so by clicking on Settings (see Figure 1, on our start page) and scroll down to Forecast data mode, by choosing Extended.

This is how the hourly display is shown after selecting it

How do I add favourites?

For this new website, we thought it best to set all location search features within one single place. If you are a registered user, you may find your beloved favourites while clicking on the “Location search” box towards the upper left corner. Two columns will then appear: Last visited and Favourites. You may delete any location you wish on the former and manage the latter as you see fit. To add new favourites, you may either search for a new location and click on the heart attached on its right or directly click on the heart of any location in your Last visited column.

Where is the short-term forecast?

We have decided to replace the short-term precipitation forecast (precipitation radar with lightning) due to large maintenance efforts and double content on our website. As an alternative, we recommend to use our radar on the start page. Radar animations for Switzerland and Germany show the precipitation radar for the last hour, with an additional 1h forecast. This radar has a higher resolution and also shows past values to better understand the current weather situation. For France, the radar animation shows images for the past hours.

On our start page, you may have discovered new satellite images that show cloud movements along with a precipitation layer.

Please have a look at our new weather maps. They show precipitation forecast data on a map for the next 7 days in hourly steps with a high resolution.

Should you wish to have a short-term verification at a more regional scale, you may also have a look at our rainSPOT, available in our Current & Webcams' page. These small radar squares show the distribution of precipitation within a radius of x km around your location, from the past 3 hours till the next 3 hours. The radius being dependent on the model, please refer to the rainSPOT on the start page (where the resolution is shown in the legend). When rain is forecast, you shall see a varying intensity from light blue to dark blue, as well as the forecast quantity.

RainSPOT: Radar spots displaying precipitation intensity and quantity.

What about point+?

All point+ features for your account are also available on the new version of the site.
Your subscription works on both versions. If it does not, it is probably because the new version does not automatically accept the Autologin of the old version, as it operates with a different cookie. You can solve the problem simply by logging in to the new website. The Autologin should then work with the next access. You only need to confirm that your browser also allows cookies for www.meteoblue.com.

Why do I still see the old website?

In order to change to the new website as smoothly as possible and to react to possible errors or problems, we decided to roll it out in batches. In the beginning, only 10% of all users get the new website displayed, and if all works as expected, we steadily increase the share of users that are switched to the new website. However, in consequence, it is possible that you already get the new website displayed on one of your devices, while on another device, you still see the old website.

If you didn't get switched to the new website already, but want to use it now anyway, you'll be able to find a button "Test our new website" on the right side of the website which allows you to switch over.

In case you are visiting our website with an old browser that isn't supported by the operation system anymore, you only get the old website displayed. If you prefer to switch to the new website already, you may switch with the button to the new website too. However, we'll not be ablet to guarantee full functionality. For users visiting our website with Internet Explorer, we'll work on making the new website accessible as soon as the roll-out is completed.

How do I log into my account on the new website?

You can log into the new website (or create a new account) by clicking "Login / Register" on the bottom left corner. If you want to log in fill in your email address and password in the according fields, if you want to create a new account switch to the "register" tab and fill in all required information.
Here you also can request a one-time log in link in case you forgot your password.

Login section on the new website (bottom left corner)

Do you have further questions?

With this FAQ-page, we tried to address the most current and regular questions concerning the latest change to the new website. But of course it's not possible to cover everything here. If you have any question remaining concerning the new website, please don't hesistate to contact us. We also appreciate every feedback and all suggestions on how to improve the new website and our service further.

Please contact us

Phone: +41(0)61-535-3301

e-mail: info@meteoblue.com