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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I log into my account on the updated website?
  • How do I change units and languages?
  • Where do I find the hourly forecast option?
  • How do I add favourites?
  • Why am I not logged in anymore and all my locations and settings are missing?
  • What about point+?
  • How do I log into my account on the updated website?

    You can log into the updated website (or create a new account) by clicking on the person symbol in the top right corner (next to the “My location” bar). If you want to log in, fill in your email address and password in the according fields; if you want to create a new account, switch to the "register" tab on the right and fill in all required information.
    Here you also can request a one-time log in link in case you forgot your password.

    How do I change units and languages?

    You may switch to your preferred units and language, by clicking on the settings symbol in the top left corner next to your account. These settings will be stored automatically when using our website again.

    We are aware that some pages only support default units. We are currently working on the feature of other units on all pages which should be available soon. Our website is currently not able to detect a difference between the British English and the US English. Therefore the website only supports US dates in the English version. We are currently working on this feature, so the dates should be formatted accordingly soon.

    Where do I find the hourly forecast option?

    If you wish to include an hourly forecast of the selected day, you may do so by clicking on “More” (on your start page underneath the rainSPOT).

    How do I add favourites?

    If you are a registered user, you may find your beloved favourites while clicking on the “My location” box towards the upper right corner. Two columns will then appear: Last visited and Favourites. You may delete any location you wish by moving the mouse over the location, clicking the blue cross on the right directly next to the name and confirming the deletion. To add new favourites, you may either search for a new location and click on the star attached on its right. If the favourites do not appear, it's because you have to login first. You can also manage your favourites in your account by either renaming coordinates or deleting locations.

    Why am I not logged in anymore and all my locations and settings are missing?

    By switching to the updated website, “last visited” locations and other website settings (e.g. units, website language) were reset automatically due to technical reasons. Once you set them up again, those information will be stored automatically and shown again when visiting our website again.
    These information (last visited location or other settings) is stored in a cookie. It's a small file on your computer. If this file is missing, those website configurations will be determined automatically, which can be very imprecise.

    If this is not working, the cookie settings in your browser are not correct.

    The cookie may not be present for the following reasons:

    • The browser does not accept cookies (in general or for due to a browser setting.
    • The browser deletes cookies when closing the browser due to a browser setting.
    • The browser deletes cookies because it uses the private mode of the browser.
    • A browser plug-in prevents (permanent) registration of the cookie.
    • Antivirus software (eg CCleaner) deletes the cookie.
    • Access to the website is via a bookmark or browser icon on the home screen of the smartphone, with a URL for a specific location. This source of error has nothing to do with the cookie. Only the bookmark needs to be updated.

    To do fix this problem, please save a new bookmark by specifying this standard URL: Then, please open your browser settings. For firefox, for instance, you can either do this in the upper right corner (click on the 3 dashes) or enter "about:preferences#privacy" in the browser above. After the opening of your browser settings, scroll down to "Cookies and website data" and make sure that the option "Delete cookies and website data when exiting Firefox" is deactivated.

    What about point+?

    All point+ features for your account are also available on the new version of the site.
    Your subscription works on both versions. If it does not, it is probably because the new version does not automatically accept the Autologin of the old version, as it operates with a different cookie. You can solve the problem simply by logging in to the new website. The Autologin should then work with the next access. You only need to confirm that your browser also allows cookies for