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What is the weather?

Weather is the state of the atmosphere as measured by radiation, temperature, precipitation, wind and cloud cover.
So, weather can be:

  • hot or cold,
  • wet or dry,
  • calm or stormy,
  • clear or cloudy.

Weather can also be freezing, moist, damp, muggy - and what else? Find out in meteoScool!

Extreme weather

Extreme weather signs

Extreme weather conditions are those that affect human activities in an unusual way, or cause damage to humans or infrastructure.
Some examples of extreme weather are displayed below.

Weather warnings: examples

  • Black ice
    • widespread formation of black ice or also freezing moisture with influence on the traffic
  • Intense rain
    • more than 25 l/m² in 1 hour or more than 35 l/m² in 6 hours
  • Storm
    • hurricane force winds of 11 Beaufort (measured at 10 m hight)

Risk maps

With a click on the respective map, you are directed to the specific regional, country or continental risk map. You can see the areas for which there are weather warnings (snow, frost, rain, wind), coloured according to the level of risk.
The map legend shows the kind of warnings. The thresholds are shown under Risk.

Risk map - Switzerland
Risk map - France
Central Europe
Risk map - Central Europe
Risk map - Europe
South America
Risk map - South America

Other maps for other weather phenomena (clouds & rain, temperature, etc.) and other areas can be found clicking on the tabs of the maps.