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Our start as a company has been ignited and fuelled by the scientific work at the University of Basel, Switzerland. Therefore, and because we appreciate supporting research and creative work, meteoblue support enabled hundreds of students around the globe to conduct and complete their scientific work, by providing high quality weather data free of charge for their studies.

Our weather data have been used in research papers, Bachelor-, Master- and PHD thesis in schools, research institutes and universities around the world, and the outcome is fruitful so far. Below table lists some of the scientific work completed using meteoblue weather data. A reference with proper academic citation is mandatory in case of using any of the below listed scientific works.

Title Language Study field Institution Country Publishing date Download
Wind Energy Assessment in NEOM City EN Civi Engineering Iowa State University US 18.11.2019
Eignen sich Wetterdaten für eine Solarertragsprognose, um daraus optimierte Ladezyklen für einen PV-Batteriespeicher festzulegen DE Energy Hochschule Ruhr West DE 18.11.2019
Investiganting glacial anomalies of Karakorum as an evidence of cllimate change: a case study of Batura Glacier, Pakistan EN Earth Science University of Sargodha PK 28.10.2019
Planificación y diseño aeroportuario: Nuevo Aeropuerto en Gozo ES Aerospace Engineering Universidad Politécnica de Madrid ES 24.09.2019
Airport Management am Flughafen Zürich DE Business Administration & Operations Management Universität Zürich CH 23.09.2019
Using GIS and Remote Sensing to identify water-stressed areas in South Africa - A case study of the Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality, Eastern Cape Province. EN Science & Agriculture University of Fort Hare ZA 20.09.2019
Implementing Clear Sky Models on a tilted surface for Kisoro, Uganda EN Physics University of Johannesburg ZA 13.09.2019
Supervised Machine Learning Techniques for Predicting Sugarcane Yield EN Agriculture KLS Gogte Institute of Technology IN 09.09.2019
Sugarcane Crop Yield Forecasting Model Using Supervised Machine Learning EN Agriculture KLS Gogte Institute of Technology IN 09.09.2019
Artificial Intelligence in rural off-grid Polygeneration Systems: A Case Study with RVE.Sol focusing on Electricity Supply & Demand Balancing EN Industrial Engineering KTH School of Industrial Engineering and Management SE 09.09.2019
Analyse der Wirksamkeit unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Aufstellorte der Messstationen DE Engineering Bergische Universität Wuppertal DE 30.08.2019
Model Based Forecasting for Demand Response Strategies EN Energy & Environmental Management École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne CH 28.08.2019
Sustainable Energy Systems: Achieving 100% renewables Energy systems in Cook Islands EN Energy & Environmental Management Europa-Universität Flensburg DE 30.07.2019
Greenhome: Household Energy Consumption & CO2 Footprint Metering Environment EN Engineering Grenoble INP FR 26.07.2019
Subsurface Water Flow Assessed with Electrical Resistiviity and Ground-Penetrating Radar In Yachay Tech, Ecuador EN Geology Universidad Yachay Tech EC 10.07.2019
Posouzení Vlivu Vlhkosti Atmosféry na Vypočetteploty Vodní Hladiny Z Družicovych Dat CZ Geoinformatics and Cartography Charles University Prague CZ 09.07.2019
Využití neuronových sítí pro predikci zatížení distribučního transformátoru CZ Electrical Engineering University of West Bohemia CZ 08.07.2019
Substituting fossil fuels in the electricity generation of Acandi, Colombia EN Energy Europa-Universität Flensburg DE 04.07.2019
Short term wind power prediction EN Environmental Engineering KU Leuven NL 27.06.2019
Efficiency comparison between air water heat pump versus condensing boiler in different climate conditions EN Civil and Mechanical Engineering Budapest Economics and Technology University HU 25.06.2019
The Migration of Wildebeests with Climate Change: A Case Study of the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem EN Environmental Science University of Exeter GB 25.06.2019
Comparative analysis among Standard Load Profiles for Natural Gas consumption simulation at urban scale EN Civil and Mechanical Engineering University of Cassino and Southern Lazio_Laura Canale IT 29.05.2019
Sizing of Hybrid Renewable system EN Renewable Energy Nirma University IN 15.05.2019
Design Optimization of a Stand-alone Energy System for a Rural Off-grid Dwelling EN Energy University of Nottingham UK 15.05.2019
Onderzoek naar de temperatuur-evolutie in Genk NL Meteorology Onze Lieve Vrouwlyceum School BE 03.05.2019
Military intervention via drone strikes EN Military University of Western Australia AU 25.04.2019
Design of an energy-efficient science building in Iceland with special attention to adaptive skins EN Architecture Politecnico di Milano IT 17.04.2019
Application of dynamic transformer ratings to increase the reserve of primary substations for new load interconnection EN Electricity Distribution Tomsk Polytechnic University RU 16.04.2019
Local forecasts based on sunshine values from different sources EN Dep. Informatik Erlangen-Nürnberg University DE 10.04.2019
The Modelling of Wind farm layout optimization for the decline of Wake Effect EN Electrical Engineering The islamic university of Bahawalpur, Punjab PK 27.03.2019
Architettura tecnica per l'edilizia sostenibile. IT Environmental Control Universitá Degli Studi di Trento IT 05.03.2019
Drought and Human Impacts on Land Use and Land Cover Change in a Vietnamese Coastal Area EN Geography Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University EN 08.02.2019
Analyse der Windmessung auf Windkraftanlagen und deren Einflussfaktoren DE Energy Hochschule Biberach University of Applied Sciences DE 07.02.2019
Projektarbeit im Fach Projektentwicklung, Bewertung und Finanzierung DE Energy Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences DE 16.01.2019
Análisis para la instalación de un parque eólico offshore en las Islas Canarias ES Sustainable Building Management Universidad Carlos III de Madrid ES 01.01.2019
Assessment of solar energy potential in Gaza Strip-Palestine EN Energy Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie PS 20.12.2018
Household wind plant as a source of energy PL Energy Politechnika Gdańska PL 20.12.2018
Evaluación de la Fluctuación Poblacional de Aves Guaneras en las Islas Cavinzas en Relación al Fenómeno "El Niño" entre los años 2008-2018, Callao ES Environmental Engineering Universidad César Vallejo - Facultad de Ingeniería PE 15.12.2018
Feasibility Study of the Hybrid Energy Supply System for a Single Family House PL Energy Politechnika Gdańska PL 12.12.2018
Modelling and Optimisation of Stationary Multi-Source Autonomous Energy Supplies/Storage For Small Buildings EN Energy Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa PT 29.11.2018
Stand Alone PV System Design Assignment EN Energy University of New South Wales – School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering UK 02.11.2018
A metamorphosis of a grey urban area towards green covered buildings: the value of environmental sustainability. EN Geography International School of Luxembourg LU 12.10.2018
Optimizing Energy Consumption in a Municipal Building EN Energy Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa PT 01.10.2018
Feasibility study of a sustainable brewery on Great Barrier Island EN Sustainable Building Management Auckland University of Technology AU 01.10.2018
Reingeniería Integral del Sistema de Alimentación de un Criadero Porcino ES Industrial Engineering Universidad de Buenos Aires AR 11.09.2018
Astronomy Guide Work Report EN Astronomy Massachusetts Institute of Technology US 20.08.2018
Worldwide validation of Cloud cover observations EN Astronomy OccultWatcher AU 16.08.2018
Energy and Environmental Management – Industrial Countries (Cape Verde - Santiago) DE Sustainable Energy Europa-University Flensburg DE 15.07.2018
Samsun Ondokuz Mayis Ilcesi - Wind energy potential determination TR Sustainable Energy Ondokuz Mayis University TR 14.07.2018
The effect of lunar phases, daylight & sunlight on average stock returns EN Finance & Investments Erasmus University Rotterdam NL 08.07.2018
Evaluation and analysis of the possibility of reducing the temperature of water from technological aggregates in the cooling system at the Śrubena-Unia S.A PL Environmental Engineering Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Energy Gliwice PL 01.07.2018
Robust Journey Planning with public transport EN Computer Science Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne CH 25.06.2018
Diseño del Sistema de Drenajes de La celda 2 en el Relleno Sanitario, Parque Eco Industrial, Miramar ES Engineering Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, sede central, Cartago, Costa Rica CR 19.06.2018
Studii Privind Comportarea Unor Soiuri de Vita de Vie Din Zona Viticola Silagiu RO Agricultural Sciences Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine RO 09.06.2018
Characteristics of forest cover and biodiversity of the National Park Tazaka AR Geografical Nature Universite Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah MA 01.06.2018
Mandara mountains: A Case Study of Wind Power Potential Investigation EN Energy Adamawa State University NG 01.06.2018
Feasibility Study of Golden Prairie Wind Farm EN Energy University of New South Wales – School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering UK 01.06.2018
Climate-forming factors of the city of Balakovo (natural and man-made) RU Meteorology Lyceum number 1, Balakov RU 31.05.2018
Die Alpen schmelzen, Simulation des Permafrostes am Beispiel Matterhorn DE Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen ZHAW CH 22.05.2018
Using artificial neural networks in power consumption forecasting SK Energy Technical University in Košice SK 21.05.2018
Room comfort class according to PN EN 15251 in terms of indoor temperature and relative humidity EN Building management Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering PL 16.05.2018
Konštrukčné riešenie styku drevenej zrubovej stavby s ostatnou konštrukciou z pohľadu objemových zmien / Constructions Solutions Contact of Wood Log Homes with other Constructions from Perspective of Capacity Changes SK Architecture Technical University of Zvolen SK 03.05.2018
Permaculture planning EN Spatial Planning Permaculture Research Institute ES 09.04.2018
Jahrbuch – Visualisierung eines Jahres DE Communication Design Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg DE 14.03.2018
Analysis of rainwater harvesting system for agricultural purpose- Case study of Campo de Dalías, Almería, Spain IT Civil engineering Politecnico di Torino IT 01.03.2018
Bauphysikalische Analysen an einem Beispiel-Passivhaus und feuchtetechnische Nachweise mit einem Simulationsprogramm für unterschiedliche Klimazonen DE Engineering Fachhochschule Eberswalde, Fachbereich Holzingenieurwesen DE 21.01.2018
The Impacts of Passenger Activity and Weather on the Water Quality of Streams Surrounding London Stansted Airport and the Effectiveness of Mitigation Methods EN Geogragraphy Queen Mary University of London UK 08.01.2018
The data analysis of UV airglow measurements by ground-based and balloon-based experiments EN Astrophysics Department of Space Physics, Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences SK 01.01.2018
Análise de Quantitativa de Risco e Análise de Vulnerabilidade PT Energy Petronol Distribuidora de Petróleo e Etanol LTDA BR 27.12.2017
Regionaler Energieverbund, Endkunden-Strompreismodell DE Energy FHNW CH 15.12.2017
Investigation of Rhone River Plume base on satellite data EN Meteorology Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow RU 07.08.2017
Vorhersage der solaren Wärmegewinne durch dezentrale Netzspeicher in hybriden Nahwärmenetzen DE Energy Technische Universität München, Fakultät für Architektur / Ingenieurfakultät Bau, Geo, Umwelt DE 31.05.2017
Analyse ausgewählter Einflussfaktoren auf die Umsatzzahlen der Dante Bar AG DE Economy Höhere Fachschule für Wirtschaft von AKAD Business CH 15.05.2017
Rainfall Prediction Project EN Meteorology Texas A&M University US 07.04.2017
Estimation des besoins en eau du Cèdre à Ras El Ma et à Boutrouba (Moyen Atlas Central tabulaire) FR Agriculture Service d'Ecologie, de Biodiversité et de la Conservation des Sols, Centre de la Recherche Forestière, Maroc MA 07.03.2017