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We appreciate supporting research and creative work.

We will support you with scientific best practice - free of charge (for up to 3 locations) or with a high discount (for more locations or complex requests) for as long as you are using our standard data without special requirements, given that the following requirements for cooperation are fulfilled.

We received hundreds of requests for cooperations each year. To ensure proper communication, scientific and/or creative use and application of our data, we have developed some use recommendations and conditions, and ask interested parties to accept them or make alternative proposals. This will improve the process and thereby contribute to better support and results.


To support scientific, artistic, welfare or relief work, meteoblue AG agrees on the following:

  • Delivery of data, products or services depending on the agreement and the required time period.
  • Provision of data, products or services through a suitable (electronic) media for retrieval by the author.
  • Delivery of the necessary documentation and specification for data, products or services.
  • Answering questions about the data, products or services within 10 days after receipt of the request.


As conditions for the support of scientific and creative work by the authors, we need the following information:

  1. Title and objective of the work.
  2. Type of work: Project, bachelor, master or another.
  3. Name and address of university or responsible organisation.
  4. Department or organisational unit (title, address).
  5. Name, address and e-mail of the author(s): (Institutional address).
  6. Name and e-mail address of the supervisor: (Institutional address).
  7. Planned beginning and end of work (dates).
  8. Short description of the methodology for use of meteoblue data.

The institutional addresses are necessary to ensure the scientific and contractual use of our data. In case your organisation does not provide official e-mail addresses, we also accept student IDs or enrollment certificates as a source of confirmation.
At the beginning, the author(s) commit(s) to the following agreements:

  • Registering on the meteoblue website for confirmation of terms of acceptance and entry of all necessary information.
  • Use the data, products or services exclusively for the production of the work: no dissemination of the data.
  • Compliance with scientific and ethical methods of using, analysing and presenting data.
  • Deletion of the data after completion of the work, as soon as this is scientifically or legally possible, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Referencing the source of the data in any publication ("data from").
  • Sending a copy of the completed work in electronic form ("in format of .txt, csv, .pdf or other suitable readable format) as an e-mail attachment to, or by another suitable form of transmission.
  • Complying with the meteoblue terms and conditions.

If the conditions are not observed, meteoblue AG has the right to prohibit the publication of the results generated by using the data, products or services supplied.