Live exercise - Airport weather

Live exercise - Airport weather

Here, you can find a few examples of airport weather forecasts.

EuroAirport (EAP BSL MLH)

Live meteogram - Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport (47.60°N / 7.53°E)

Zurich Airport (ZRH)

Live meteogram - Zurich Airport (47.46°N / 8.55°E)

Weather restrictions

Airports are usually placed in areas with good conditions for take-off and landing, and commercial airplanes are built to be able to land in a wide range of conditions. Warnings and restrictions are placed only under extreme weather conditions.
Some flights have to be planned with more weather related restrictions, for example test flights for new airplanes, flights with small airplanes which can only navigate by sight, or flights for gliders.

Planing a landing

Plan a test flight with the new A-380 at Basel airport.
Instructions for the landing can be found in this document below.

meteoScool_Tasks_landing_110222_EN_V1-03.pdf (106.93 kB)

Check the weather forecast and weather maps for choosing the best conditions.
If you want to confirm your choice of time, you can control the actual conditions during the choosen landing time by:

  • Checking the meteogram 3-6 hours after the chosen time. The meteogram is updated every 6 hours to include the actual conditions.
  • Looking at Radar on the Switzerland maps.
  • Checking the actual rainfall situation in on the start page.

When you register for the first time on you can also order a free trial subscription for point+ to check the forecast. In point+ you can also check the actual rainfall at 15 minute intervals for the selected airports.