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  • Forecast data to increase your harvest
  • Historical data to compare crop yields with past weather 
  • MOS service to improve the forecast quality with your measurements
  • Weather API for easy integration into your system

Products for agriculture 

For agricultural purpose we offer various data packages (raw data) as well as a wide range of special meteograms. 

Data packages (raw data)

  • basic 
    • temperature 
    • felt temperature
    • pictocode
    • wind speed (10m) 
    • wind direction (10m)
    • precipitation 
    • precipitation probability 
    • snow fraction 
    • relative humidity 
    • sea level pressure 
    • rainSPOT 
    • predictability 
    • predictability class 
    • UV index 
  • agro 
    • Skin/ Surface temperature
    • Total evapotranspiration
    • Potential evapotranspiration
    • Leaf wetness index
    • Soil temperature (0- 10cm)
    • Soil moisture (0- 10cm)
    • Dew point temperature
  • clouds 
    • low clouds 
    • mid clouds
    • high clouds
    • total cloud cover
    • visibility
    • sunshine time 

Images (graphics)

Meteogram AGRO

meteoblue meteogram AGRO shows the development of the weather with diagrams of air temperature, wind velocity and direction on the ground, as well as precipitation, clouds, spraying windows and evaporation. The data are valid for the forecast area of a model grid cell, without indicating special conditions of the selected place (e.g. differences in height). The display of all weather variables takes place in local time.

Meteogram AgroSowing

The meteogram AgroSowing shows the development of the soil temperature and precipitation for up to 7 days. Additionally it includes sowing windows for maize, wheat, barley, rapeseed, potato and sugar beets. The sowing window is separated in three categories: suitable (green), less suitable (yellow) and unsuitable (red) periods for application in hourly intervals. 

Meteogram AgroSpraying 

The meteogram AgroSpraying shows the development of the temperature and precipitation  for up to 7 days. Additionally it includes the spraying window. The spraying window helps identifying suitable periods for applying crop protection measures, by showing suitable (green), less suitable (yellow) and unsuitable (red) periods for application. The conditions are calculated from wind, precipitation, temperature and humidity. 


Special Services

Location Search API 

The meteoblue location search API resolves location names, postal codes, ICAO and IATA codes to standardized WGS84 latitude and longitude coordinates that can be used with the meteoblue API. For a quick demonstration try our website, which also uses the API as well.


meteoblue agriculture information can be transmitted through the following methods: 

Time dimension

meteoblue agriculture information can be delivered as: 


meteoblue agriculture information can be delivered in the following format: 

  • json (data packages)
  • csv (data packages)
  • png (images)


If you need more information and prices for business purpose, please send us a request to (or click on the "contact us" button below) with the following details: 

Desired data package/image:

Transmission: (API or FTP)

Approximate number of daily request: (e.g. number of locations x number of daily updates) 

If you want to test the meteoblue API for free for 14 days, please also provide the organizational details:

Company name: 

Address (street, postal code, city, country): 

Website: (if available)


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