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We appreciate supporting scientific, research and creative work.

We will support you with scientific best practice - free of charge as long as you are using our standard data output, without special post-processing and calculation requirements on our side and for as long the following requirements for cooperation are fulfilled.


As conditions for the support of scientific and creative work by the authors, we need the following information:

  • Title and objective of the work
  • Type of work: Project, bachelor, master or another
  • Name and address of university or responsible organisation
  • Department or organisational unit (title, address)
  • Name, address and e-mail of the author(s): (Institutional address)
  • Name and e-mail address of the supervisor: (Institutional address)
  • Planned beginning and end of work (dates)
  • Short description of the methodology for use of meteoblue data

The institutional addresses are necessary to ensure the scientific and contractual use of our data. In justified cases, exceptions can be made.

At the beginning, the author(s) commit(s) to the following agreements:

  • Use the data, products or services exclusively for the production of the work: no dissemination of the data.
  • Compliance with scientific and ethical methods of using, analysing and presenting data.
  • Deletion of the data after completion of the work, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Referencing the source of the data ("data provided by").
  • Sending a copy of the completed work in electronic form as an e-mail attachment to or by another suitable form of transmission.
  • Scientific support is only possible for countries, where adherence to standards of scientific work, international human rights and international conventions is apparently guaranteed.
  • Complying with the meteoblue terms and conditions.

If the conditions are not observed, meteoblue AG has the right to prohibit the publication of the results generated by using the data, products or services supplied.


To support scientific, artistic, welfare or relief work, meteoblue AG agrees on the following:

  • Delivery of data, products or services depending on the agreement and the required time period.
  • Provision of data, products or services through a suitable (electronic) media for retrieval by the author.
  • Delivery of the necessary documentation and specification for data, products or services.
  • Answering questions about the data, products or services within 10 days after receipt of the request.

Simulation data

meteoblue can provide historical and forecast weather data for any place in the world. These are data simulation with high accuracy. Usually, they are not as perfect as precipitation measurement data, but they are 100% complete (which rarely happens with measurements), much more detailed (hourly intervals) and also valid for places without measurements.

Forecast data

meteoblue offer a wide range of data packages for any place in the world through our meteoblue API. To create an APIkey please provide the following information to

  • Number of locations
  • Desired data package
    (e.g. "basic-1h" or weather variable(s) (e.g. temperature, precipitation)
  • Start date
  • End date

History data

meteoblue provides historical weather data for any place in the world. With history+ there is the possibility to download raw data or different graphs, like the risk assessment, year comparison, wind rose and the histogram. The spatial resolution of the simulation data is depending on the selected location and time period. The data is delivered in csv formate through email.

If you need historical raw data, please send us the following information to

  • Coordinates of the desired place(s) (Latitude, Longitude)
  • Weather variable(s) (e.g. temperature, precipitation)
  • Time period (available since 1979- today): from .. to..
  • Interval (hourly, daily/monthly/yearly aggregations)
  • Additional information (optional)
    • Additional information for solar data (PV system information:slope angle, orientation, capacity (kWp))
    • Special requirements and comments