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  • Benchmark performance of measurement data and solar system
  • Performance ratio analyses by the end of each day
  • Snow warning
  • Detect system anomalies and irregularities with measuring equipment
  • Maximise production and detect system failure
  • Scheduling of cleaning and maintenance
  • Free yield calculator
  • Plug & play solution for your business case

With globally consistent, high quality radiation and other weather data, you can ensure optimal system functioning, early error detection and maximum yields.

Products for Solar Energy - Monitoring

Data packages (raw data)

For solar nowcasting we recommend to use the following data packages:


pv power (reference yield)


performance ratio

module temperature


snow cover


GHI (solar radiation)




Extraterrestrial solar radiation

Solar report - Quality control of radiation measurements

Quality control of your observation data benchmarks your measurement layout. meteoblue checks the quality and consistency of your observation data. A detailed solar report with intuitive analytical graphics helps to understand the system performance:

  • local situation assessment,
  • regularity of measurements,
  • recommendations for error detection and correction.

Solar report - model validation for your site

solar report supports your system operation and power management decision with forecast accuracy assessments.

  • Monthly graphic comparison detects seasonal malfunction of your system or microclimatic forecast mismatch.
  • Daily analysis show every day forecast performance and system outages while the intraday graphics can detect time of day shadings.
  • Precision of forecast and possible measures for improvement.

Special services

Satellite derived reference data

Benchmark the performance of your solar system or measurement layout comparing it to satellite derived radiation data of the last days, months or years. Data can be accessed in real time via API with updates every 15 minutes. Furthermore we can provide you with historic time series of satellite observed radiation data of the last months or years.


The solar nowcasting information can be transmitted through the following methods:


The solar nowcasting services can be delivered in the following format:

  • png (solar maps)
  • pdf (solar reports, special services)
  • csv (raw data)
  • json (raw data)


If you need more information concerning the prices, please send us a request to (or click on the "contact us" button below) with the following details:

  • Coordinates of the desired place(s)(Latitude, Longitude):
  • Weather variable(s)(e.g. temperature, precipitation):
  • Time period (available since 1979- today): from .. to..
  • Interval (hourly, daily/monthly/yearly aggregations):
  • Purpose for archive data for rebate (optional)
  • Commercial / Non-commercial use:
    • Commercial-use (short description of data usage)
    • Non-commercial use (short description of data usage)
  • Additional information (optional)
  • Additional information for solar data (PV system information:slope angle, orientation, capacity (kWp))
  • Special requirements and comments