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  • Improve trading or scheduling and reduce imbalance penalties with meteoblue solar forecast
  • Optimise the energy management with high precision weather forecast
  • Implementation of expected electricity production into web applications
  • Performance ratio analyses based on satellite observation by the end of each day
  • Scheduling of maintenance operation for higher electricity yield
  • Based on PV power plant position, capacity (kWp) and inclination angles
  • Numerous variables (radiation, temperature, power, variation, etc.) for your specific sites in any place on Earth
  • Statistical optimization of forecasts based on observation data

Products for Solar Energy - Operation

Solar forecast - Raw data

For solar forecast we recommend to use the following data packages:



felt temperature


wind speed (10m)

wind direction (10m)


precipitation probability

snow fraction

relative humidity

sea level pressure



predictability class

UV index


GHI (solar radiation)




Extraterrestrial solar radiation


pv power


performance ratio

module temperature


snow cover


low clouds

mid clouds

high clouds

total cloud cover


sunshine time

gridSOLAR - PV area forecast forecast

Improve electricity grid management for high PV-share areas or your Insider Knowledge for power exchange trading. gridSOLAR simulates all systems of a certain area reliably. For precise electricy distribution and trading on different spatial scales meteoblue offers reliable forecast of the expected electricity production of every system within the area of your utility or country. Worldwide available within days for the next 6 days, updated 24 times a day.
Check out our gridSOLAR germany forecast tool:

Images - PV reference yield forecast

You can access our site specific solar power forecast images freely here to confirm our forecast quality. Check out the graphical PV yield forecast for your site:

Weather maps

With the meteoblue API you can get access to innovative weather maps that cover the whole world with a wide range of variables overlays like temperature, precipitation, pressure and many more. The weather maps are available for different heights like ground level or up to 200hPa. .

Special services


MOS (Model output statistics) is the technique of post-processing the output from numerical weather forecast models using statistics of local historical or current weather measurements. The MOS service substantially improves the accuracy of the forecast data for temperature, radiation and PV power generation (other variables can be specified on request). Microclimatic of site specific conditions like seasonal fog, shading or spectral sensitivity are accurately forecasted when PV MOS was implemented.


solar report supports your product decision:

  • Quality Controlling of your observation data benchmarks your measurement layout.
  • Validation supports your product decision with forecast accuracy assessments.

Check our free sample solar reports below:


The meteoblue forecast information can be transmitted through the following methods:


The meteoblue forecast information can be delivered in the following format:

  • png (images, weather maps)
  • json (data packages)
  • csv (data packages)
  • mp4 (weather maps)


Weather maps can be found for free on the meteoblue website or accessed via API

If you need more information concerning the prices, please send us a request to (or click on the "contact us" button below) with the following details:

Desired data package/image:


Approximate number of daily request: (e.g. number of locations x number of daily updates)

If you want to test the API for free for 14 days, please also provide the organizational details:

Company name:

Address (street, postal code, city, country):

Website: (if available)