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  • Optimise your site selection and site assessment
  • Compare different locations with solar reports, solar maps or raw data
  • Hourly time series from 40 years of global weather simulations
  • Horizontal irradiation (GHI) and other variables within high precision tools
  • Numerous variables worldwide to your specific site as a database to your own country

You need raw data for software implementation, additional variables or countrywide database? We offer a wide range of products for solar energy - site search.

Products for Solar Energy - Site Search

Solar report - Radiation variability

Analyses of availability and variability of radiation or PV-power for any site in the world. Based on the hourly time series since 1986 the radiation climate of your site is analysed. The interannual, seasonal or daily radiation distribution is summarised in intuitive graphics to support your site selection or system management strategy. Check out our solar report sample for Basel, Switzerland.

Solar history - data packages

For solar history we recommend the following data packages as hourly, daily or monthly time series or TMY (Typical Meteorological Year) since 1984:

  • Historybasic - contains defined time series of the most common variables (e.g. temperature, precipitation, wind speed, relative humidity)
  • Historysolar - contains defined time series of common radiation variables

Other variables and customised datasets on demand.

Solar maps

Based on 30 years of hourly radiation data, meteoblue offers various maps with a spatial resolution of 3-25km for any country in the world. Solar maps allow you to compare different sites in your region at first glance.

Special services

Satellite comparison

To assure the highest quality level of your ordered radiation data we can compare the last years of solar history data with satellite observed radiation data. Then the model data is used to extrapolate quality of satellite data to a 30 years hourly time series with MOS.

Snow analyses

Based on time series of different weather models and nearby temperature, precipitation and snow measurements we create a downscaled time series which contains the best meteorological expertise snow estimation for your site. The time series is delivered with a report that summarises data sources and methods for downscaling the data to your specific site.


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