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Solar reports

meteoblue offers a range of different solar reports which include intuitive data visualization for easy interpretation. All reports are available worldwide for GHI (Global Horizontal Irradiation) or PV power production (reference yield). All reports are based on hourly simulation data of the meteoblue archive, but quality control and model validation include on site measurements. More information is found on our solar product page.

Solar report - Radiation variability

Variability analyses of 30 years hourly radiation data.

Solar_report_-_Radiation_variability.pdf (402.75 kB)

Solar report - PV yield variability

Variability analyses of 30 years of hourly PV reference yield data.

Solar_report_-_PV_yield variability.pdf (367.39 kB)

Solar report - PV system layout

Compare the seasonal distribution of your reference yield for 20 different system layouts.

Solar_report_-_PV_system_layout.pdf (400.53 kB)

Solar report - Quality control

Quality control of your observation data benchmarks your measurement layout.

Solar_report_-_Quality_control.pdf (306.23 kB)

Solar report - Model validation

Validation supports your system operation and power management decision with forecast accuracy assessments.

Solar_report_-_Model_validation.pdf (376.64 kB)