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System Design

  • Optimise exposition and layout of your system
  • Global database or API service for automatised software implementation
  • Worldwide hourly reference yield allows multi year performance analyses
  • High precision tools to assess long term production
  • Based on hourly time series 30 years of global horizontal irradiation
  • Numerous variables for specific site anywhere on Earth
  • Conduct custom data analysis to optimise your PV power construction plans

Products for Solar Energy - System Design

Images - Monthly yield calculator

The solar monthly yield calculator tool allows to quickly check the expected electricity generation and their seasonal behavior of different PV system layouts for any location in the world.

Solar report - PV system layout comparison

Seasonal production profiles help to optimise your system layout.

  • Monthly reference yield for 20 different inclinations & orientation
  • Optimise your yield on your consumption

Check also the sample solar report for Basel.

Solar report - PV yield variability

Analyses of availability and variability of radiation or PV-power for any site in the world. Based on the hourly time series since 1986 the radiation climate of your site is analysed. The interannual, seasonal or daily radiation distribution is summarised in intuitive graphics to support your site selection or system management strategy. Check also out our solar report sample for Basel, Switzerland.

Solar history - Raw data

meteoblue offers raw data as hourly, daily or monthly time series or TMY (Typical Meteorological Year) since 1984 with a spatial resolution of 30 km for the following variables:

  • solar radiation
  • PV reference yield
  • sunshine
  • cloud cover
  • temperature and dew point temperature

Other variables on demand.


The meteoblue history information can be transmitted through the following methods:


The meteoblue solar history services can be delivered in the following format:

  • png (solar maps, monthly yield calculator)
  • pdf (solar reports, special services)
  • csv (raw data)
  • json (raw data)


If you need more information concerning the prices, please send us a request to (or click on the "contact us" button below) with the following details:

1. Coordinates of the desired place(s)(Latitude, Longitude):

2. Weather variable(s)(e.g. temperature, precipitation):

3. Time period (available since 1984- today): from .. to..

4. Interval (hourly, daily/monthly/yearly aggregations):

5. Purpose for archive data for rebate (optional)

5.1. Commercial-use (short description of data usage)

5.2. Non-commercial use (short description of data usage)

6. Additional information (optional)

6.1. Additional information for solar data (PV system information:slope angle, orientation, capacity (kWp))

6.2. Special requirements and comments