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Wind energy

  • Improve trading or scheduling and reduce imbalance penalties with meteoblue wind forecasts
  • Local wind forecast data on different height levels for precise wind power calculations
  • Historical data of many different sources for wind park site assessment
  • Scheduling of maintenance operation for higher electricity yield
  • Estimate the risk of wind turbine icing based on 30-years of hourly weather data
  • Statistical optimization of forecasts based on observation data
  • High resolution weather models assure accuracy in complex terrains
  • Numerous variables for any specific site worldwide
  • Weather API for easy integration into your system

With globally consistent, high quality weather data, you can ensure optimal scheduling, yield estimation and maximum yields.

Products for Wind Energy

Images (graphics)

meteoblue offers thousands of images from different categories, that can easily be integrated into your SCADA software. These images can be individually customised as they are available in many languages for any location on Earth.

Climate diagrams

meteoblue climate diagrams show seasonal climate patterns of any specific location worldwide. Thus, these images are perfect to compare the wind conditions of different sites based on major wind direction, average wind speed or risk of blade icing. For the wind energy sector we recommend all our climate diagrams:

Site comparison

meteoblue offers advanced site assessment tools, that allow comparisons of all common variables based on more than 30 different data sources with highest accuracy. This helps to find the best spot for wind energy production wordwide.

Risk assessment

meteoblue offers several risk assessment tools, that bring site assessment to a new level. In the wind energy sector this is especially useful to estimate blade icing risk, thus we recommend the following risk assessment tools for the wind energy sector:


histogram for Basel

meteoblue offers the histogram functionality including Weibull distribution for a defined time range of up to 30 years. The histogram function is available through history+ or API for any location worldwide.

Year comparison

The meteoblue year comparison allows you to compare the wind speed of the current year with any year since 1979 or typical and extreme years. The histogram function is available through history+ or API for any location worldwide.


meteoblue offers a wide range of different meteograms, that give an overview of the general or specific weather of the next days. These are especially useful to optimise the timing of maintenance activities. For the wind energy sector we recommend the following meteograms:

Rain nowcast

There are several tools for the real time detection of rain offered by meteoblue as:

Weather maps

meteoblue offers various layers of our weather maps, that can easily be integrated into your website or print media. All maps are available through the meteoblue API and on the meteoblue website. The meteoblue API delivers the maps as graphics in PNG format that have to be implemented on a map (for example GoogleMaps). For wind energy application we recommend the following layers:

Special services


MOS (Model output statistics) is the technique of post-processing the output from numerical weather forecast models using statistics of local historical or current weather measurements. The MOS service substantially improves the accuracy of wind speed on hub height or wind power generation (other variables can be specified on request). Microclimatic, site specific conditions are accurately forecasted after the implementation of meteoblue wind MOS.

Data packages (raw data)

For the wind energy sector we recommend the following data packages:

  • basic - contains 7 day forecast of the most common variables (e.g. temperature, precipitation, wind speed, relative humidity)
  • current - contains nowcasting information about the current weather
  • wind - contains 7 day forecast of wind related variables (e.g. wind gust, air density and 80m values)
  • trend - contains 14 day ensemble forecast
  • trendpro - contains advanced 14 day ensemble forecast
  • sea - contains 7 day marine weather forecast (e.g. wave heights, directions and frequencies)
  • historybasic - contains defined time series of the most common variables (e.g. temperature, precipitation, wind speed, relative humidity)
  • historywind - contains special wind variables
  • modelclimate - contains climate estimates of the most common variables


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