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air diagrams

meteoblue AIR offers you the proven meteoblue atmosphere simulations. Under AIR, meteoblue groups services for pilots, paragliders, meteorologists and other users who depend on a good understanding of what happens in the atmosphere, above the ground.

AIR shows the well known atmosphere meteograms and soundings available through point+ - worldwide with hourly details. With AIR, you can find any place in the world and generate a meteogram AIR and a sounding diagram, as well as Cross-Sections and Trajectories. Also the Astronomical Seeing can be found there. With this service, there are no more "white spots" in the world. You can get weather information for any air parcel on the planet, from ground to upper troposphere .

The AIR services are different from point weather information, because they show data for different layers of the atmosphere, and also because the weather is presented for a grid cell and not for a precise point within that cell. The AIR simulations are therefore not adjusted to a particular altitude within one grid cell, nor are they corrected with any surrounding measurements. Thereby, they can also be used to compare the model forecast to downscaled post processed simulations.

Here the link to the direct meteogram AIR on our website: