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Example of a trajectory starting from Basel

meteoblue air trajectories show the air movement from the selected place throughout the following hours, for the selected altitude level (between surface and 150 hPa, i.e. approximately 10 km). The trajectory is calculated by simulating the air movement (wind) from the selected location.

A trajectory starts from the place (name or coordinate) selected in the Global Location Search, at the selected altitude (hPa) and the selected starting time for the selected duration and the different colors indicate the time.

The resulting trajectory route is shown on a graph with a starting position marked by a cross (+), the direction vectors for each hour of the journey and the respective position coordinates. The frame of the graph shows the coordinate grid of the area. The graph title shows the domain name, the starting time of the route, and the altitude level (in mb or hPa, which is the same). All hours are given in UTC, unless otherwise indicated. All graphics are in English.

Use recommendation

meteoblue air trajectories can be used for many purposes:

  • balloon flights
  • airplane and glider flight planning, to anticipate (head)winds
  • pollution tracking: where are emissions going?
  • anticipating pollen flight
  • understanding movement of air currents in the higher levels
  • chasing "storms" or "funny" balloons etc.

Use instructions

If not already done open the Trajectory page and select a place in the Global Location Search. A first chart will appear with the standard settings for level = surface, starting time = 0, duration = 6 hours. Adjust the level (hPa), starting time and/or duration to your preferences and click on "generate".

meteoblue air trajectories may take some seconds to calculate and transmit, because of the large amount of data required. If the image does not appear within 5 seconds, refresh the screen to repeat the query.
If you select a longer duration (more than 60 hours), the trajectory may be cut on the edge of the selected model domain. To be sure that all selected hours are included, try the query with a trajectory for 24 or less hours first, and increase gradually.

If the sum of starting time and duration is longer than the available forecast range, no data will be displayed. Check the available forecast range (e.g. using a meteogram) and adjust the query starting time or duration. For technical reasons, all trajectory queries are limited to 72 hours for the time being (sum of starting time and duration). Every colored segment stands for one hour.

Pressure and altitude

A conversion of pressure levels to altitude is shown on the page position.


meteoblue trajectories are available worldwide via point+.

meteoblue trajectories put air movements in the entire earth atmosphere on your screen!