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Country map

Country map offers many different weather maps, which will be soon replaced by our new weather maps, which combine all available maps with the functionality of the previous country maps:

  • A complete set of weather variables
  • A large number of altitude levels
  • Long forecast periods
  • Choice of different weather forecast models
  • Current location indicated by a blue cross
  • More and improved functionality
    • Fast zooming and panning with many zoom levels
    • Add wind animation to other maps
    • Add/remove lat/long grids
    • Switch sea level pressure contours on or off
    • Optimised for high screen resolution
    • Optimised for use on mobile devices (easier navigation, better display)
    • Screenshot button for quick download
    • Share button for social media

The weather maps are available for 1 to 7 days. Click on the triangles on the left or right of the time axis to change time steps. Units can be changed at the top of the colour scale on the left. A click on the current unit label opens a drop-down list that shows alternative units to pick from. There is a timeline at the bottom, and the time zone is automatically adjusted to the selected location. In the lower right corner there is the option to switch between different weather models. If the weather model is not manually selected, the most suitable model for the current variable and map section is automatically chosen. All functions can be used on smartphones, making optimal use of the screen and simplifying navigation within and between maps.

Country borders are visualised with thin black lines.

You can also download the map by clicking on the “Screenshot” button in the lower right corner to then save it and consult it whenever you want.