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Cloud maps

The cloud maps give you an indication on the type, the density and the position of clouds. It is possible to combine the cloud maps with sea level pressure, wind animation and the graticule by activating the different options in the lower right corner with one click.

Cloud cover

Some cloud maps show the average cloud cover density of an area at the time indicated in the map legend, expressed in percent (%) of sky cover. The cloud cover colour scale usually ranges from dark grey to white. For details, see the scale used for cloud meteograms.

It is possible to choose between high, medium and low clouds as well as cloud cover total.

Cloud Height

The maps show cloud base height and cloud top height:

The colours indicate the height of the cloud base (in m.asl) as specified in the colour bar on the left side. In addition, white, blue, black or no shading give information about the cloud top height. Please note that these maps do not include purely convective clouds, which are very difficult to predict. Convective cloud tops and base heights are available in separate maps.

Satellite (no radar)

The satellite images show the cloud distribution. The images show most of the actual clouds; small clouds, fog, clouds at night and aerosols may not be visible. In mountain amd polar areas, snow may appear as clouds. Consult the point forecast for the local details.