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meteoblue produces high resolution weather movies that are visually attractive and excellent to convey dynamic weather patterns to a general audience. Through meteoblue high resolution forecasts, we can provide your website and services with weather movies that show interesting weather features at a global and regional scale.

Our new and advanced wind movie not only shows the wind movement, direction and velocity. You can as well choose between a variety of altitude levels in air pressure (hPa) and kilometres. The velocity is illustrated in the movie through shifting shades of colors that can be read off a scale on the right hand side. The area of the lowest wind velocity moves from dark blue over yellow to a dark purple showing the area of the strongest wind velocity. Depending on the chosen elevation, the lowest wind speed is 0 km/h, the highest is 179 km/h, due to the fact that the wind can move faster the higher you go and can be read more precisely through a change of the velocity scale.

You can also select the demonstration of the temperature and temperature change in the movie, which will be illustrated in varying colors that can be read from the scale on the right hand side as well.

The color setting of the temperature is different from the color setting of the wind movement, direction and velocity.

From the surface up to 3 kilometres/700 hPa the colors of the area of the highest temperature of 34°C move from red over green to a light purple which shows the area of the lowest temperature which is -20°C.

Above the altitude of 4.2 km/ 600 hPa, the scale changes from magenta which shows the highest temperature of 15°C in this scale, over green to a dark blue which represents the lowest temperature of -37°C.

The change in the color scale is due to the fact that the air is considerably cooler the higher it rises and the differences can be demonstrated more distinctly and obviously by a change in the color scale.

The resolution is shown in the menu on the right hand side below the altitude variation button and varies depending on the area you chose and how far you zoom in or out. For the global wind animation, we use the NEMS or GFS models with 22-40 km resolution; for the local wind animations, we switch to the high resolution NEMS models with up to 3 km resolution.

Further explanation of the models can be found on the bottom of our Multimodel page.