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Precipitation maps

Precipitation maps allow you to see the amount, distribution, type and probability of precipitation over a large area. Precipitation maps can be combined with sea level pressure, wind animation and the graticule by activating the different options in the lower right corner, with one click.

Clouds and Precipitation

The Clouds and Precipitation map shows the expected precipitation, rain or snow, as well as the cloud cover during a given time period. The amount of precipitation is added from the previous (forecast) time interval (e.g. last 60 minutes). The legend of colours helps you to quickly visualise the amount of precipitation (in l/m²). Snow is marked by white stars.

Aside from the cloud and precipitation maps, we also show maps with solely precipitation.

Precipitation probability

The probability of precipitation is shown in % visualised by different colours. The colours do not indicate the precipitation amount, only the probability.

Satellite (with radar)

The satellite images show the distribution of the actual precipitation. These images show most of the actual precipitation in areas well covered by radar, with colours showing the intensity steps (precipitation amount). Some phenomena, such as snowfall, drizzle, low rainfall in mountain valleys or multiple thunderstorms (which may hide each other) may not be visible on the map, because remote sensing observations are also subject to errors. Consult the local forecast for more precise details on the timing and amount of precipitation expected.