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Wind maps

Wind maps show the wind speed and direction over an area for a specific time, or a period. Wind is shown as flow movies, arrows and colours. There are also maps for gusts and wind combined with sea level pressure and the graticule. This can be activated by selecting the different options in the lower right corner with one click.

Wind Animation

The map shows the expected wind, as average wind speed for the preceeding time interval. The wind scale is uniform for all parts of the world and seasons.

The wind speed is indicated with colours (Cold/Warm, Rainbow) and values when hovering over the selected area. The direction is indicated by the flow movie.

You can also find wind maps higher in altitude at a specific height in hPa by opening the drop-down list on the right.


The gusts maps usually show the speed of the gusts at 10 m with colours. Hourly, maximum or period maximum wind gusts can be selected in the menu.

The speed shown is the maximum forecasted speed for the last time interval.