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Dynamic weather maps

meteoblue dynamic weather maps (webmaps) provide an instant overview of the weather situation over entire regions, countries, continents and the world. On these maps, you can see one or several variables displayed for different periods of time. The dynamic weather maps (new) are initially available for 1 to 7 days forecast and for some observations and measurements. The maps are mainly based on one of the NEMS models. This product gives a spatial overview of the weather, based on raw weather model data. It may differ from localised forecast that include downscaling and localised fog models. Some weather variables like precipitation are based on a consensus of many different models. You can check all the models used at a particular point when going to the multimodel forecast.

Navigation and legend

The maps are available worldwide, with the size and resolution depending on the desired area, variable, time and model resolution. A box on the top right of the map shows the time of the map currently displayed, and the spatial resolution of the displayed model run (e.g. 12km). (Nr. 1)

To navigate within the map, you can simply drag & drop as well as zoom in and out with the provided buttons (see picture on the right above). (Nr. 2)

To navigate in time, use the timeline at the bottom of the map or skip a specific time period (1h, 3h, 24h) with the tools on the right side of the time bar. (Nr. 3)

On coloured maps, you find a legend on the left side that explains the different colours. The unit of the displayed variable is shown as well. (Nr. 4)

The chosen weather variables are shown in the menu on the right side. They are all sorted and listed under popular maps, observations, temperature, clouds, precipitation, wind and waves and others. On the bottom right, you can add line plots to the existing map (e.g. sea level pressure) and for some variables, you may choose the altitude which will be displayed.

By clicking on any point on the map, an All-in-one meteogram will appear immediately for this specific location. (Nr. 5)

Navigation and legend



It is possible to adjust the map under "Settings" on the bottom right. You can set the colour bar (legend), map info (time and model resolution), country borders, mouse wheel zoom and the map background.


You can share your maps on Twitter and Facebook or download the chosen map section to then save it and consult it whenever you want.


If explanations for the maps are desired, you can find them by clicking Help on the bottom right. There are general tips and tricks, as well as a further link to the help pages, where you can find explanations for the specific maps.

Use of meteoblue maps

The meteoblue maps can be referenced by other webpages via weblinks, as well as in an i-frame, in the following way:

  • for non-commercial use: freely and at no cost, by sending us a simple email with the necessary information and acceptance of our terms;
  • for commercial use, if the following conditions are followed:
    • send us an email containing your website and company address, accepting our terms;
    • clearly identify the source on your website;
    • on each page of your website showing meteoblue maps, put a link pointing directly to the meteoblue map page which you framed on our website;
    • make no more than 1 update requests per hour for the same map.

We hope that our dynamic weather maps enrich your weather views and appreciate suggestions.