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Dynamic Cross-Sections

meteoblue weather-map dynamic cross-sections show a vertical cut through the atmosphere. The cross-sections can be created by setting the path on the map along which the cross-section is desired by the user.

The resulting cross-section shows temperature, relative humidity and clouds, wind, precipitation as well as CAT and icing, by clicking on the different tabs above the diagram.

Dynamic cross-sections can be used for weather forecasting, travel and flight planning, surface monitoring and many other special uses.

weather-maps cross-section

Use instructions

1. Login to your meteoblue Account.

2. You need an active subcription of point+ .

3. Navigate to dynamic weathermaps .

4. Click the "CS"-Button in the top right corner, below the +/- symbols for changing the resolution of the map (Nr. 1 in the screenshot above). After selection, the button appears in blue.

5. By clicking on the first desired location, the starting point for the cross-section is set (Nr. 2).

6. With further mouse-clicks, the cross-section along any desired path can be created. With a 2nd click on the last point (Nr. 3), the path can be completed.

7. Diagrams with the cross-section are appearing automatically (Nr. 4). By clicking at the categories (temperature, relative humidity and clouds, wind, precipitation, CAT and icing), the different diagrams appear. With clicking the Button "Larger", the diagrams can be scaled up (Nr. 5).

Use recommendation

meteoblue dynamic cross-sections can be used for many purposes:

  • For airplane and glider flight planning, to anticipate altitude visibility and (head)winds;
  • For monitoring weather fronts;
  • For air inversion monitoring;
  • For anticipating the freezing level;
  • For understanding air currents at higher levels for (local) weather forecasting;
  • For your special purposes and curiosity.

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