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Pressure maps

Pressure maps show the expected air pressure at sea level for a day or a given time step in hPa with isobars. Sometimes an indication of a high or a low pressure area is shown with H or L respectively.

It is possible to combine the pressure maps with wind animation and the graticule by activating the different options in the lower right corner with one click.

Sea level pressure

Sea level pressure

These maps show the air pressure (at sea level) in hPa, shown with isobars and colours as indicated in the map legend. More: see pressure.

Geopotential height

500 hPa Geopotential height

These maps show coloured areas of equal altitudes for a specific pressure (e.g. 500 hPa). The geopotential height is expressed in geopotential decametres (gpdm). Combinations with other maps are possible: For instance, isohypses may show the mean sea level pressure (hPa), whereas large scale airflow currents will be visible by adding streamlines for the specific altitude. More: see pressure .

Thickness / Pressure

1000-500hPa Thickness

The thickness / pressure map shows the thickness of the air layer between 1000 and 500 hPa in metres with the help of colours according to the thickness. The mean sea level pressure is shown in hPa with isobars.