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Air quality

Air quality data contains information about the appearance of aerosols like pollen, dust, ozone or emissions. At the moment, meteoblue offers air quality data from the following sources:



Field Metadata
Title Copernicus atmospheric monitoring service
Short Title CAMS
Theme air quality, aerosol, desert dust, ozone, PM10, PM2.5, SO2, air pollution
Period of Time 2017 to present
Frequency Daily
Update timelag < 24 hours
Time-resolution hourly
Spatial Type ECMWF N320 reduced Gaussian Grid (derived from spherical harmonics with a triangular truncation of T639)
Spatial extend Global, 180W to 180E / 89.784S to 89.784N
Spatial resolution 40 km
Coordinate system WGS-84
Earth model WGS-84
Spatial reference system
Publisher ECMWF
Date First Published 2017
Date Obsolete

The CAMS regional forecasting service provides daily 4-day forecasts of the main air quality species and analyses of the day before, from 7 state-of-the-art atmospheric chemistry models and from the ENSEMBLE median calculated from the 7 model forecasts. The regional service also provides a posteriori reanalyses, using the latest validated observation datasets available for assimilation.

This page describes the 7 operational forecasting and assimilation systems that contribute to the ENSEMBLE, and also the method used for the ENSEMBLE production. For each system, the main components of the model are specified: chemistry schemes, aerosol representation, emissions and deposition, resolved and sub-grid transport, boundary conditions, assimilation system.

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License public