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Land use

The land use data gives information on the cropland fractions of a certain location. meteoblue offers the following datasets:



Field Metadata
Title Global Food Security-Support Analysis Data at 30 m / 250 m / 1000 m
Short Title GFSAD30 / GFSAD250 / GFSAD1000
Version v1.0
Theme cropland fraction, land-sea mask, land fraction
Period of Time static
Frequency One-time
Update timelag -
Time-resolution -
Spatial Type Plate carrée grid (rectangular projection)
Spatial extend 180°W to 180°E / 60°S to 90°N (origin: -180.0/-60.0954060)
Spatial resolution

30 m (interpolated to 0.00026949459 deg)

250 m (interpolated to 0.0021559568 deg) (meteoblue aggregation)

1000 m (interpolated to 0.0086238272 deg) (meteoblue aggregation

Coordinate system WGS-84
Earth model WGS-84
Spatial reference system
Publisher NASA / USGS
Date First Published 2017
Date Obsolete

The GFSAD30 is a NASA funded project to provide high resolution global cropland data and their water use that contributes towards global food security in the twenty-first century. The GFSAD30 products are derived through multi-sensor remote sensing data (e.g., Landsat, MODIS, AVHRR). meteoblue provides the original cropland mask at 30 m resolution, as well as aggregated versions at coarser resolutions of 250 m and 1 km. The aggregated versions give the spatial fraction of cropland within a 250 m by 250 m or 1 km by 1 km box, respectively.

Furthermore a global land-water mask is available at 30 m, 250 m and 1 km resolution, indicating the fraction of the grid box, which is covered with land.

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License public