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Weather variables

Various weather variables are displayed by meteoblue in different forms like meteograms or pictograms. They all are indicators that will help you to understand the weather. The main variables describing the weather are listed below. You can click on them or on the menu on the side to have more details.

  • scales
  • classifications
  • measures
  • presentation
  • formula
  • description
  • dew point
  • rain
  • snow
  • ice
  • hail
  • cover
  • forms
  • interpretation
  • classification
  • interpretation
Air motion
  • vorticity
  • helicity
  • convective updraft
  • k-index
  • CAPE
Sea surface
  • swell
  • wind waves
  • sea temperature
  • types
  • units
  • sunshine hours
  • UV-index
  • forecast reliability
Air quality
  • air quality
  • ozone
  • desert dust concentration
Soil and surface
  • moisture
  • evapotranspiration
Leaf wetness
  • leaf wetness indicators
  • probability
  • clear air turbulence
  • in-flight icing
  • soaring index

meteoblue displays mostly weather simulations. These may be forecasts, current (nowcasts), or historical, and are displayed in the same way as meteorological measurements for them to be comparable. meteoblue uses (mostly) metric measurements. Conversions to other systems are available on request.

More information and help can be found in the technical documentation pages.