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Meteogram Climate comparison

Meteogram Climate comparison - Basel

Meteogram Climate comparison - Basel

The meteogram Climate comparison shows the expected weather, compared to the weather of the previous 10 or more years. Thereby, you can see how "normal" the current weather is.

The meteogram Climate comparison looks for the closest place which has a weather station with minimum 10 years of reliable measurements available. The name of the place with the station is indicated in the meteogram title, as well as the distance from the selected place.

The temperature chart shows the range of maximum, mean (thin line) and minimum temperatures of the past years, and the forecast of the next 6 days (thick line). The total precipitation for the next days is shown in the precipitation chart, relative to the average precipitation of the period during the last years.
The climate chart shows temperature and precipitation of the current date as measured at the station on the same date during the past years. Years without measurement are marked with a grey bar.

For the climate chart, the nearest weather station, for which reliable measurements over 30 years are available, is selected automatically. In hilly areas, this station can be located on a different altitude than the selected place. Therefore the climatic diagram shows the measurement and the forecast for this station, and not for the selected place.

The nearest weather station nevertheless shows the comparison of present to past weather in the environment of the selected place better than a more similar, but farther station. A selection of the station (filter: by altitude country, landscape, or others) would make more distant stations appear under several circumstances. Thus, the comparison with the weather (and climate) would become locally less relevant than the comparison with a neighbouring station - even if this station is located at a different altitude.

The direct comparison of the conditions at the selected place with the weather at the measuring station is possible if based on the forecast at both places, e.g. with the help of the meteogram All-in-one.