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  • High precision weather forecast for any place on Earth
  • Weather API for easy integration of data and graphics into your system or website
  • From 6 to 14 days
  • 15min, hourly, 3 hourly and daily values

meteoblue weather models are based on the NMM (Nonhydrostatic Meso-Scale Modelling) technology. Model calculations are done for domains - large areas covering parts of or the entire continents, for which a complete forecast is calculated.

Forecast Products 

Data packages (raw data)

meteoblue offers various weather variables that are grouped into data packages. There are different data packages for specific use cases: 

  • current - current weather
  • basic - general purpose, contains the most common weather variables
  • clouds - detailed cloud layer information
  • agro - designed for agriculture
  • wind - for special wind purpose
  • air - atmosphere simulations
  • sea - marine weather forecast 
  • solar and pvpro - solar radiation variables and photovoltaic production
  • multimodel - raw forecast data of multiple weather models
  • trend - 14 day ensemble forecast
  • modelclimate - climate simulation data of last 30 years 

Weather maps

With the meteoblue API you can get access to innovative weather maps that cover the whole world with a wide range of weather variables overlays like temperature, precipitation, pressure and many more. The weather maps are available for different heights like ground level or up to 200hPa. . 


meteoblue offers a wide range of images like the meteogram, meteogram AIR or meteogram AGRO. These can be used for general or for special purposes like agriculture and solar.

Solar forecast products

Benchmark the performance of your measurement data or solar system comparing it to the solar reference data of the last days or months. Our monitoring services help you detect system anomalies, irregularities with measuring equipment, before you loose yield or money. With globally consistent, high quality radiation and other weather data, you can ensure optimal system functioning, early error detection and maximum yields.


The meteoblue forecast information can be transmitted through the following methods: 


The meteoblue forecast information can be delivered in the following format: 

  • png (images, weather maps) 
  • json (data packages)
  • csv (data packages)
  • mp4 (weather maps)

Special services


MOS (Model output statistics)  is the technique of post-processing the output from numerical weather forecast models using statistics of local historical or actual weather measurements. The MOS service substantially improves the accuracy of the historical data for temperature, humidity, wind speed and radiation (other weather variables can be specified on request). 


More information about forecast and weather variables can be found in the meteoblue help pages. 


Various weather maps as well as a wide range of images (meteogram 5 days or the meteogram AIR for 3 days) are offered for free on the meteoblue website, other weather maps and images are part of the point+ subscription. 

If you need more information and prices of the data packages, images or weather maps for business purpose, please send us a request to (or click on the "contact us" button below) with the following details: 

Desired data package/image/weather map:

Transmission: (API or FTP)

Approximate number of daily request: (e.g. number of locations x number of daily updates) 

If you want to test the meteoblue API for free for 14 days, please also provide the organizational details:

Company name: 

Address (street, postal code, city, country): 

Website: (if available)