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Meteogram Ensemble

You can find the meteogram Ensemble on the meteoblue website.

The meteogram Ensemble shows the minimum, maximum and mean of different members of the GFS ensemble forecast, for the forecast days 6-14 or 1-14.

It includes temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, wind speed, gusts and direction.


6-14 days meteogram - Hamburg

6-14 days meteogram - Hamburg

The first diagram shows the range of possible temperatures for the next 6 to 14 days. The bold curve corresponds to the mean while the thin curves correspond to the possible extremes.

The second diagram displays the range of precipitation amounts likely to occur. The black lines represent the minimum to the maximum possible precipitation amounts, while the blue bars represent the average amount.

On the third diagram, you can see the range of possible percentage of cloud cover. The thin curves represent the minimum and maximum possible cloud coverage, while the bold curve correspond to the mean. The background colours (blue to grey) help to visualise different levels of cloud cover. The yellow background displays the day duration. You can well see the difference between night and day on the sample diagram on the bottom of this page.

The last diagram shows the range of possible wind speed, with the mean in the middle. The wind direction and speed are shown by the wind barbs.

This meteogram is available with a suscription to point+ or the meteoblue API.

Cloud cover and daylength - Northern Greenland (82.79°N / 32.02°W)

Cloud cover and daylength - Northern Greenland (82.79°N / 32.02°W)