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Pictocast - the all-in-one

point Pictocast summarizes the local weather forecast using pictograms, tables and spot diagrams.

We show two types of pictocast:

  • The day overviews show the entire forecast period in a summary.
  • Detail overviews show the 3-6 hourly development over part of or the entire forecast period.

Day overview

Daily overview pictocast

Daily overview pictocast

  • Weather conditions
    • Shown by pictograms.
  • Temperature
    • Shown as maximum/minimum during the day, and highlighted by colours to facilitate recognition. It corresponds to the temperature at 2 m above ground. Normally, the maximum temperature is expected at late afternoon and the minimum at late night.
  • Wind speed and direction
    • Given in km/h at 10 m above ground. If no definition is shown, it represents the maximum wind speed expected during the day. Wind direction is represented by arrows (pointing in the direction in - not from - which the wind blows).
  • Precipitation
    • Amount for 24h in mm.
  • Sunshine hours
    • Amount of sunshine hours compared to the total day length.
  • Predictability
    • Allows to know how accurate the forecast is - very high, high, medium, low, very low. The predictability usually decreases with the time as we do not always know very well how each variable will behave in the next few days.

Detail overview

Detail overview pictocast

Detail overview pictocast

  • Sun and moon
    • The top-left shows the Sun and Moon rise and set times as well as the current UV-index. The moon-phase is also displayed as a small image.
  • Temperature
    • °C at 2 m above ground at the time (hour) indicated.
    • The temperature felt indicates the temperature that someone should feel being outside, according to the different weather variables like the wind or the humidity.
  • Wind speed and direction
    • The wind speed and wind gusts are in km/h at 10 m above ground at the time (hour) indicated. The wind direction is represented as symbols for azimuth degrees (0-360°) 10 m above ground at the time (hour) indicated.
  • Precipitation
    • Shows the accumulated amount during the previous 3h in mm and the probability of occurrence. It behaves like a rain gauge: "5 mm at 12:00" shows the amount of precipitation from 9:00 to 12:00. The rainSPOT diagram shows the intensity and amount of precipitation events in the surrounding area.

A pictocast summary is available for printing here. You can also change the place you want for the pictocast in the Location box.