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Nowcast data shows weather data for the present. These may be measured (with weather stations), observed (with satellites, cameras or users) or simulated (with nowcasting methods)  and show the best information available for the current conditions. 

Nowcast products 

Satellite and radar maps

meteoblue offers animated maps for satellite and precipitation radar data as simple plugin for your website or app. Dynamic maps can be easily integrated via iframe in a matter of minutes. You do not have do develop any javascript, css or html. Radar and satellite images are always centered on a certain location to provide an optimal user experience. The user is able to move and zoom the viewport and control the animation. The satellite maps are available for North America, Central America, Europe, Africa and India, whereas the radar maps are available for Germany, Switzerland, Romania, USA and South America.


The meteoblue satellite and radar maps can be transmitted through the following methods: 


The meteoblue satellite and radar maps can be delivered in the following format: 

  • HTML


More information about nowcast and weather variables can be found in the meteoblue help pages. 


Satellite and radar maps can be found on the meteoblue website. 

For price offer for business use of satellite and radar maps please contact us